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SEO Zen Plug In And Software Review.

Seo Zen Product reviewHaving just purchased SEO Zen and started using this wonderful product, I want to share with you the brief experience I have of using the system and the benefits I have already found that can help us all to make money from this great resource. Having gone through the training and simply “skimmed” over the surface of this, never mind “scratched the surface” yet, the benefits to anyone who wants to make a steady income or even a fantastic income are countless.

How Does SEO Zen Work?

The great thing about SEO Zen is that the structure of the sites, each of which can be built in minutes, have a silo structure. A silo structure is one of the best forms of SEO around and builds the authority for sites that the search engines absolutely LOVE! The site is based on certain keywords for each silo and then there are different pages set up that are related to the keyword terms that are set for each relevant silo within your site.

You can set up silos manually, but this takes a great deal of time. SEO Zen plug in builds a site with this structure in minutes! Yes, you may need to change and improve some of the content for your site, but there are options available within the system that will enable you to add quality regular content automatically and all based on the silo structure that is seen as the best for SEO in the modern age.

The training includes how to use the software to get the best from it and also how to add content from RSS feeds regularly so you can have new content placed on the site and links to your offers all set up quickly and easily.

The spinner module helps you to create unique content from things like PLR articles or to spin articles you may have written for a different site that may be relevant to your new site. This will mean that the content will essentially be unique in the eyes of the search engines.

The backlinking module helps you to get high PR links that are sourced from edu and gov links and you can easily find these and then manually get links to your new site.

Why SEO Zen?

ID-100124646The software plug in itself is a very valuable resource. The backlinking module is effortless and extremely effective. If there is anything that bothers me at all it’s the generation of content. I like to see unique, readable and quality content and when learning to use the system effectively you may end up with some, what I would call “ify” stuff. But, that’s a small part of the whole package. I’m sure with more experience this will get easier to deal with.

The fact that the site structure is set up for you is something that saves a tremendous amount of time. The extra training that comes as an upsell is priceless for helping to find keywords. The techniques shown are close to what I currently do, but there were some added things that will help me to find great keywords even in the most competitive niche. This training is worth its value in tons of gold whether or not you use the silo software.

For full information on the fantastic product that is SEO Zen, you can Go HERE.

To the future,

Barrie Evans

About The Author As an Internet And Network Marketer, Barrie is committed to helping you achieve success in your business and growing your online presence and brand. Question - Are you getting enough leads? If yes, that's great, if not check out the system I use to get leads daily. Click here for more info. Read more from this author

5 Responses to SEO Zen Plug In And Software Review.

  • Thanks for sharing. I like learning about different products that can help move my business forward. Anita


    Barrie EvansNo Gravatar Reply:

    Thanks Anita.


  • Sounds great Barrie, just been checking it out but too pricy for me I am afraid at the moment.


    Barrie EvansNo Gravatar Reply:

    It is very good Merle. I have a site for learning to play piano. It was in need of a change and also restructure so I tried the software on this. There is a little work to do on the content, but the site was built with the right structure in 5 minutes after spending a little time doing KW research. Overall took about an hour. That was the first one! Will improve on that as I progress.


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