Network Marketing Prospecting TipsYou may be a person who doesn’t want to pick up the phone. Be prepared to be in a situation to use the phone at SOME time. These 10 PROVEN Network Marketing Prospecting tricks WILL get you leads, but you need to get out of your comfort zone and be prepared to CALL your leads is you want to make money quicker!

It’s possible on the internet to use a system so that people call YOU. What are you going to do with your leads before that happens?

Get leads and convert them whatever way you have to do until you have the skills to be able to GET THEM TO CALL YOU!!!

If you want to earn money quickly, you will need to be a HUSTLER!!

A top network marketer said “If you want to earn 100,000 a month you need to connect with 30 people a day for 5 days a week!!”

When you take your business online, you need to take these things and more into consideration.

Network Marketing Prospecting Trick 1:

Use the system!


Whatever the system you are recommended by your sponsor, USE IT! I have a great system that offers EVERYTHING you will need to take your business online and start generating leads.

This system has pre written capture pages that will help you to get the leads into YOUR list so you can write to them and tell them what’s going on. The system as a TON of FREE training that you can give away! How cool is that?

  • Do you think that by giving away FREE training that will help someone to use social media such as Facebook or Twitter to generate leads when they are a big social media geek would be VALUABLE to them? Bet your life it is!!
  • Do you think they will LOVE you for giving them something they are looking for that they can use to grow their business? You bet they will!

Even if they are in a different company, do you think they may get nosey and want to know what YOU’RE doing so they can continue to work with and make money?

The benefits to this system is that you can passively market on social media by offering free training and NOT being pushy! You will ATTRACT more people to you by being different to those who desperately PUSH their opportunity.

With Facebook these days, you can be put into “jail” and have your account suspended for being “pushy”. Benefit of this system is that it provides genuine HELP from top marketers that YOU will be providing as a member.

The webinar replays that are available to you will allow you the opportunity to learn and then share what you have learned in a blog post or whatever method of marketing you are comfortable with.

The system I strongly recommend has a 3 day trial for just $2 and can be found HERE!

Network Marketing Prospecting Trick 2:

Go to working events!

If you are in a position where you can attend events 2 to 3 days a week, you’re in a great position to HUSTLE! It’s possible to get 25 leads per event so how many leads could you get in a week? I suggest 2 events a week, leading to 50 leads.

How do you find these events? Go to or look in your local paper for upcoming events in your area. Take a note of 2 a week and go armed with business cards showing your website capture page and phone number on the cards.

Find any kind of event where you can network and get as many business cards as possible without introducing what YOU do. This is an offline tactic, but it works! This will enable you to sponsor more local people and grow your circle of influence closer to you.

Ask people questions, without pitching what you do. You can follow up with them the next day on the phone. Why does this work? Because very few do it!


Prospecting Trick 3:

Contest Entry Boxes!

What are you talking about I hear you ask! You can put out several contest entry boxes where you could offer gift cards or maybe something more fancy. Put out 5 boxes and you could expect up to 7 leads a day!

You could run this in conjunction with a charity or similar organization. What each entry gives you is the opportunity to qualify people quickly by calling them.

Obviously you should honour your commitment of the prize to the winner, but when calling the others you give them the personal touch by informing them that they haven’t won unfortunately but they have a useful second prize of a free eBook on how they can make money online if they are interested.

Should the person say they are interested, then you could have a qualified lead. If not, you haven’t caused any offence.

Prospecting Trick 4:

Post it notes.

Get a short message on a post it note and literally post them all over where you can where lots of people go. Be careful where you post them, but as a post it note, it can be easily removed.

Thing is, how many people are going to see it before it is removed?

Post something like “Make 50 to 500 a week. If you’re SERIOUS and want to know more….” then you can put in the url to your capture page or your phone number.

Write what you feel comfortable with, but it’s best to keep it BELIEVEABLE. You could be getting 15 leads a day by posting out 100, which will take you about 4 -5 hours a week!

If you want to pre qualify your potential lead you can post “Superstars ONLY” then put in the rest. End the note with “SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY CAN APPLY”

When you get a call, don’t get into the first thing they ask you, which is likely to be “what is this all about?” Instead, ask them questions and find out what THEY want. Don’t be afraid to say no yourself if you think what you have to offer won’t suit them.

Prospecting Trick 5:

Find Phone numbers on signs

This is for those of you who are comfortable with calling up people and asking questions “cold”. When you’re driving around, you look for “For Sale” signs on houses and call the people whose sign it is.

You would be surprised how many of these people are interested in adding to their income opportunities as they work for commission only.

You may need some kind of script to work to when qualifying the person at the other end of the call. A great leader called Tod Falcone has some scripts for this type of situation.

Prospecting Trick 6:

Free Seminars / Webinars

This could take you up to 4 – 5 hours a week, but could get you anything between 8 – 20 leads when you advertise this on social media or by other means suggested.

Use content you have got great value from within the system you are using and share it in the event in your own style.

Using this type of event, it leaves you the opportunity to not only provide great value to the attendees, but also to promote your business or system to those who are looking for more of the same from you.

This way you are leveraging the work of others to benefit your leads and becoming more attractive to them in business and value.

Before you start the seminar, if it’s an offline event, pass out papers with the question “what is your main question or problem with online marketing”. Review these in the break. If the webinar you could have a Q & A at the end of the main event.

Hold on to the answers to these questions as they are important for you to review because it shows problems that you can provide SOLUTIONS to.

At the end of the event, offline seminar or online webinar, you can ask if the attendees found it valuable and then you can invite them to ANOTHER event down the line in about 2 weeks that you can charge a nominal fee for (free to some. EG you ask the attendees for a testimonial, written or on video or if they bring a guest, then you’ll send them the link to the next webinar), so that you can cover the solutions to the problems faced by the attendees to the event you just hosted.

Prospecting Trick 7:

Go for Referrals!

You should ask EVERYONE about referrals.If you do this you could generate 25 leads a day! One person I have heard of asked for referrals from everyone and got 157 from just ONE person. That is POWERFUL!!

Ask a simple question. Something like – “Do you know anyone who has been affected by the current economic climate and / or has lost their job? Would they mind if I shared this with them?” Wait for the answer.

Another is “know anyone who could use our help?”

Obviously you will get those who are going to say no, but still ask and maybe ask if they’re sure they don’t know ANYONE who is struggling on could do with some help right now? Don’t bully or be too pushy, but you should get some progress unless the person is so negative they’re not worth the extra effort!

Anyone who gives you some referrals, don’t be afraid to call them back and ask for more, especially if the people they referred are excited about the opportunity you have offered them.

Prospecting Trick 8:

Card Grab

Find places in your area where there are cork boards with business cards on them. Literally “grab” the business card or advert that’s on there.

Call the person and basically say to them “Hi, I’m not sure where I got your business card from, but it’s here on my desk. Would you be open to a side project that doesn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing?”

Some WILL say no. Think on this – These are people who WANT to make more money or they wouldn’t be advertising would they?

These people are PROFESSIONAL and are looking to make money. They have their own business card and are basically asking for people to CALL THEM. Ok, yours won’t be a call to use THEIR services, but it doesn’t mean they are not interested in what you can offer them.

Prospecting Trick 9:

Local Google Alerts

Google will send you out alerts to your email for anything around the subject you enter into the alerts system. So if you have local events you will be alerted.

If you want to know more about more general stuff, just enter it and you will alerted if it’s news worthy. If, like me, you don’t watch the news or read the newspapers because it’s all so negative, you will have local news come to YOU.

This can help you get more leads. I suggest you keep cards you’ve got from previous events or grabs. You can get good or bad news, such as someone has won an award or a local company has closed down.

Guess what? If nobody else uses this trick, you could well be the FIRST to know about it and be able to ACT to see if you can help people out.

Contact people in the news and prospect them. DON’T push them and beat them up over things, build a relationship with them.

Prospecting Trick 10:

People you meet

Yes, talk to people you meet. DON’T pitch them. This is all about attitude. Keep the conversation simple. You could “break the ice” with a compliment – “I love those shoes” or anything that is relevant and then ask them about family, occupation, what they like to do for recreation and keep it BRIEF. You are BUSY. You have to RUN!

You could then just throw out the question, “Would you be open to a side project that doesn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing?” Then mention you like to work with good people. They can only say Yes or NO.

Get their information and send them into your sales funnel or offer them your local seminar or send them a video, whatever VALUE you can offer them.

These tricks depend on your personal comfort zone. These are strategies that WORK and sometimes you HAVE TO get outside your comfort zone.

The magic of a system when you work online is KEY/ To attract people to you, what you need is to offer VALUE and then let them get nosey about you. They WILL call you – eventually!

The thing you have to ask yourself is this… Do I Want To WAIT??……

If you can afford to, fine. If not, then make use of these network marketing prospecting tricks to your advantage and get out and ROCK your world.

To the future,

Barrie Evans