characteristics of leadershipWhen you start your adventure into the home business you always wanted, it’s important you find the right people to work with. Here are 3 characteristics of leadership you should look for so you can make the right choices for yourself.

What Are The 3 Characteristics Of Leadership Recommended?

They are simple, but effective and are these:

  • Approachability
  • Someone who leads by example
  • Honesty / Integrity

There are more, but I believe these 3 are among the most important. Each area will show the leader to be the right person for you to work with and all 3 of these characteristics of leadership will shine through in this person (or people).

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Let’s Examine These Characteristics Of Leadership:

Characteristics of leadership – Approachability :

If the person you choose to follow is approachable and accessible you are far more likely to have a good working relationship. When the leader is accessible and gives YOU the time you need from them to answer your questions and give you the right advice, then you will be more likely to achieve more.

When the leader is approachable you will get a minefield of information and great tips that will help you on your way. It’s no good if a person who is seen as a leader signs you up and then leaves you alone in order to get the next sign up regardless of what everyone they sign up requires from them to succeed. The best leaders are always accessible and have YOUR interests at heart as well as their own. It’s important to remember that they will give you the tools and right methods to get success, but you should expect to DO THE WORK! It’s not fair to expect someone else to do the work for YOU. They have a business too and also have other people who require their help. Make the best use of their time and be thankful they are so accessible to you.

Characteristics of leadership – Leads by example:

This may be obvious to you, but it’s important to get this one into perspective. The leader in the team who is having success will know the best ways to achieve this. The best leaders will take ACTION and you should take action too. This is what I mean by leading by example.

Every person is different and each has a different comfort level in the methods they choose to market with. You will have felt some attraction to the leader you choose to work with, but remember that they may have wonderful tips and tricks, but also may work with something you are not completely comfortable with. Don’t worry; your leader will have access to so many different people who may help you with things they will not be able to do as effectively themselves.

The best leaders are always learning too. They will know how to get where you want to go and they will help you to achieve what you want to achieve. They were in the same place as you once!

Characteristics of leadership – Honesty / Integrity:

Taking into consideration the choice of marketing you wish to take, your leader will be able to advise you how to get the most from whatever your choice is.

What I look for is honesty above all. What I mean about this is where you want to go down the blogging route because you’re comfortable with that. The leader may be able to give you great advice and help you to build your email list, help you to develop content that will get you leads and then help you with email marketing. They may not be a great blogger and the best leaders will tell you this. What they will then do is recommend some training for you that is available from an expert in blogging. This doesn’t mean you will not get the best from the leader you work with, it uphold their integrity because they are truthful with you and still help you in so many ways.

This is the magic of a great team of people who have a diverse range of skills and who make themselves available to help where they can. It’s called leverage and all the great leaders worth their salt use leverage to provide the best value they can to their people.

These 3 characteristics of leadership are important and you should take care to find someone who possesses these when you start out. It’s much easier from the start rather than finding out later when you’ve lost a lot of money and wasted a lot of time.

To the future

Barrie Evans