qualify a prospectHaving found some people who appear to be good for your business, it’s absolutely vital you qualify a prospect properly. I have 3 important things for you to consider when you go through the process to qualify a prospect.

Qualify A Prospect using these 3 pointers

  1. Determine that the person has an interest in what you have
  2. Go through the qualifying process of time to work business and funding etc.
  3. Consider whether you want to spend time with the person later on, whether it’s on holiday / vacation or other kinds of functions.

Qualify A Prospect 1

When you talk to a person who shows an interest in making an income in network marketing or an online business, whatever your kind of business, you need to be sure that what you have to offer them is of interest to them. What is the point of offering a business to a prospect that won’t excite them and keep them motivated to make a success of it? If they are not excited with the business and have no interest do you think they will do anything? It’s unlikely because they won’t have the drive and determination to succeed in the same way if they lack motivation.

Also, they will have an excuse to quit if things don’t go according to plan. They will then blame you and the business because they got into it with your encouragement.

Qualify A Prospect 2

You have confirmed that your prospect is excited with the prospect of working with you in the business you are running. They are excited with the products and are very likely to use them so that they can get the knowledge they need to progress in the business and be able to share the quality and know how each product works to benefit others.

The next thing to determine is how much time they can put in to work the business on a daily, or very least a weekly basis. This will enable you to develop a working plan to help them progress. Also you need to determine when they want to start and at what level they intend to come into the business if that is relevant.

If the person complains that they have no money or “can’t afford it” then you need to ask the question whether they can get the funds together to join. If they constantly make excuses, don’t discourage them, but say you will be ready to move things forward with them when they have the funds. Arrange a follow up call a couple of days later to keep things some urgency in the process, but if then there is more excuse, then it’s likely the prospect will not qualify themselves as a good person to work with.

Qualify a prospect who has the right attitude to do the work required. Excuses will not “cut it” and they will likely not be the best person to work with if they make excuses about things and block progress with these excuses.

Qualify A Prospect 3

Consider whether the person you are qualifying to join you is someone you would go away with. Some companies offer prizes such as cruises or specific holidays / vacations where those who qualify can all go together. If you believe the person is NOT someone you would like to spend time with in this way, then it’s possible you won’t work well together. This is going to be a crucial part of your relationship in the business and needs to be assessed.

Don’t be afraid to say NO when you qualify a prospect. You have the opportunities in front of you to determine whether the person is a qualified prospect for you in these 3 simple steps so use them to your advantage.

To the future

Barrie Evans