3 Mistakes To Avoid In Internet Network Marketing

Internet Network MarketingThere has been a growing trend these days to use the Internet to build your MLM business and more and more companies are jumping onto the Internet Network Marketing bandwagon. I can remember when all we were taught was the old traditional methods of approaching friends and family and building your contact list by means of finding people you may know through the type of work they do and offering them a new way to earn money.

Because of the financial climate, it has become more crucial for people to find ways to earn extra money from an extra job or from a home business that could turn into a full time income from part time work (which is when the MLM business owner comes looking for the opportunity to prospect).

As MLM business owners, we have all been told at some time or other to “keep to the plan” and we will achieve success. However, we would get rejected for being too “pushy” and this would make us seem desperate. Sound familiar? What the internet marketers teach is different. AND it is proving to be THE way to market for prospects these days too.

With the advent of social media, with sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more, it is far more crucial for us to develop a completely different approach to the old tradition of “friends and family” and potentially hounding these people to join us in our business and then be ridiculed or ignored or both.


Internet Network Marketing  – the 3 mistakes to avoid

  1. One of the biggest mistakes that is made first of all is the new internet network marketer doesn’t start by identifying their target prospect. They tend to approach anyone and everyone and, because they don’t understand the particular needs of everyone, will see a lot of failures. This can lead to disappointment and dejections and a desire to quit. The importance of finding the right target prospect is as essential as an electrician promoting rewires and other electrical installation projects. If the skill is electrical it’s not much use, or very credible for them to be promoting cat food when they have an electrical theme to their business.
    So, if you know what an electrician who has a business that is struggling, and have a SOLUTION to their problem and can HELP them to earn extra income, that is what you need to market. The solution is key to the target prospect you can serve.


  1. The next mistake that is evident with many is that they don’t have an email list. It is essential these days for those in internet network marketing to develop relationships. A great way to do this is by using the opt-in email system and autoresponders. Building a list is essential for today’s marketer. Think of this as your “friends and family” list if you like. The difference is that you have PERMISSION to contact these people. The thing you should avoid is to constantly pitch your opportunity or product.
    To build trust and a good relationship you need to “be real” so share some things about you and your day and link to a valuable item, whether it is an affiliate product or other system, that provides VALUE to your subscribers. This way the people on your list will get to trust you and you will see more success in your prospecting.
    If you can provide intrigue and develop curiosity with your audience, they will seek to know more about you and you will be more attractive to them. This in turn will lead to more joining you in your business or buying your products.


  1. Social media network marketingBe YOURSELF. The trouble with some people is they try too hard to be too professional and perfect. The mistake in this case is that it can drive people away from you because you seem “false”. You can be professional in your outlook and still be yourself. This is a vital element in the attraction marketing methodology that a lot of internet network marketers adopt these days.
    Because social media is so big these days, it’s vital that you learn to use this properly for your business. Don’t do what many do – that is to spam everyone you “friend” with your opportunity. How do you know if they are interested in this unless you make contact with the person first asking to be their friend and making a comment that is relevant to them? For example:“Hi John, I see you’re into breeding Sheepdogs and training them. I used to do the same thing when I was young and had some success too until I had to move away for my job and had a family. Would be good to share some tips with you and chat about your latest successes because I’m considering getting back into it again. I have sent you a friend request. I hope to chat with you soon.”Not pushy and shows you have an interest in John not just about you and your business. Build the relationship first and ask questions. You will get to things you can help John with at some stage and, because he now likes you and has some trust, do you think he may listen to what you have to offer? I’ll let you answer that.
    Give value to the conversations wherever you “hang out” online and people will notice you and come to find out more about you. Remember to leave a link to your website, fan page or group so they can come find out more about you and what you can offer them.

Avoiding these three mistakes is vital for you to build your business to greater success in the internet network marketing niche. Applying the correct methods will help you to develop a bigger and more solid organization that will ensure your future is a good one.

To the future,

Barrie Evans

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10 Responses to 3 Mistakes To Avoid In Internet Network Marketing

  • I agree that those are three mistakes that people make everyday joining a network marketing business. It’s sad to see people join without being given much direction, other than, making a list of everyone they know and talking to everyone they see about their business. With a bit more marketing training, a person can be shown how to build their business the right way…without all the headaches.

    • Sharing these mistakes is important for me because I don’t want people to make the same mistakes I have. Start properly and move on with confidence instead of wondering what is going wrong and fretting about it.
      Thank you for your comment Freddy. I appreciate it.

  • Hi Barrie,

    Boy, do I ever agree with you on these mistakes. I unfortunately can also speak from experience because I believe I’ve made them all. I know, silly me but I was naive and didn’t know any better when I first started. I certainly didn’t have the right people in my circles and I didn’t know who I was suppose to be learning from. That was also about five years ago so there is a lot more available today I believe to help the newbies.

    I know that this is one huge learning experience for us all so thank you for sharing this with us Barrie. I have no doubt you’ll be helping plenty of people understand what they’re doing wrong so they can correct that as well.

    Enjoy your day!


    • Thank you Adrienne.
      I appreciate where you were as I was there myself. It’s so important to make the best start possible and get these things right. It can be damaging to get it wrong, but I think I may have gotten away with it (I hope).
      Appreciate your comment.

  • Hi Barrie,

    Be yourself to prosper quickly. Few people think, feel and act according to how they WANT to think, feel and act. Sheeple are a plenty 😉 Be you. Stand out. Succeed.

    Fight the urge to follow blindly. Emulate leaders but speak your own voice. Add your own special flair to your marketing campaign. Patiently speak your voice and you will make a serious impact in this niche.

    Thanks Barrie!


  • Hi Barrie

    I totally agree with you on these mistakes.

    When I got started I was told that everybody is my target market and that I should approach everybody I came in contact with. Boy were they wrong!!

    Great value here Barrie.


    • Thank you Riaan,
      This was something I just had to write about to help others to avoid the same problems I found myself surrounded with.

  • So true Barrie and I am sure many of us made those mistakes when we started out !! But we learn from our mistakes.

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