change your mind, change your life
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Many of us are striving to have success in our lives and yet it seems futile to some to even think it’s possible to change your life for the better. You struggle from day to day to make a living and yet you are “stuck” where you are.

This is true for very many of us, but does it have to be this way?

I don’t think so, despite me having had many of the same feelings as a lot of you that I am constantly working for no real reward. Then I came to realize something, which I will venture to discuss here.

Meanwhile, think about this:

Change your mind. Change your income. Change your life. ~ Diane Hochman

Stop “Reverse Engineering” The Process To Change Your Life.

What do I mean by this?

So many people (and I know I have been guilty of this) tell themselves they will change their life if they change their income. Very true, but what about their thinking?

I got into the trap of believing that things would change when I changed my income. What happened? My underlying subconscious belief stopped me. How? Because I was still basing my actions on desperation to fulfil a NEED to beat off the feelings of LACK that were embedded inside me. This is still an issue I have to deal with sometimes, but there has been a big improvement because I started to work on my subconscious beliefs.

Think of it this way:

EVERYTHING has a structure. It doesn’t matter what there is in the world, there is structure and a law of construction of everything so that it is secure and safe.

There are ways to produce results in whatever you do in business, but doing things in the right way is always the best way to get the best results. Take my old job as an electrician as an example.

You couldn’t even think about wiring a house unless you knew the safe and proper way to install the circuits so they work to provide the light and power needed to run your appliances and live a 21st century lifestyle with all the amenities at hand. You would need to know how to structure the installation, the correct values of current for each circuit and the cable sizes etc to be suitable for each piece of equipment you are going to use.

Thinking of a new house. You would not fix all of the ceilings and floors and render the walls before the wiring was installed would you?

Everything you do has a right way, a wrong way and a stupid way (believe it or not). Keep to the correct structure of doing these things and keeping them SIMPLE is the key to a successful result.


What is the difference when looking at Change in your life?

None at all!

By changing your thinking (mind) you will be able to set yourself and be ready to change your income, which will give you life changing results. If you keep going down the road of “I have to change my income first”. You will stay in the “hamster wheel syndrome”, where you are chasing money or anything you need to create the life you crave.

Create Life Changing Results

Believe In ChangeRemember that the person who motivates you is YOU. No matter how many quotes inspire you, unless you take ACTION through self motivation you will remain stuck.

When you’re struggling, is it because you actually CAN’T do something, or is it because you don’t BELIEVE you can? You know you are capable, but something inside you is preventing you and blocking your progress. You want to write that blog post but you don’t think you can write it like “so and so” or you won’t be able to do video because nobody is going to listen to you. Truth is, if you DON’T do it, nobody CAN listen to you.

This is much like my experience in my singing in the last year. I had a long break from music, but got back into singing just about a year and a half ago. I have been having some lessons with a really great tutor and I have a great belief in myself and know that I am CAPABLE. Being a tenor, I was always singing pretty high, but for some reason I wasn’t able to do that so I decided to get some tuition.

I had a “block” in my mind that was stopping me. My tutor told me I have a good tenor voice trying to break free, but I was blocking it. He was so right. I realized that it was ME stopping it being easy. Now I can reach even higher than before and with much more ease. When I let go of the subconscious “wow, this is high” and started to believe I could sing these notes easily, I actually DID. Now, my tutor is commenting on how much progress has been made in such a short time.

Back to business…

Many of us have felt overwhelmed because “there is so much to do”. This is natural, but also unnecessary when you consider that each big task is a series of small, manageable steps. Take things ONE simple step at a time because you CAN!

Wallace Wattles said in his book The Science Of Getting Rich “A rich man has a rich man’s thought before a rich man has a rich man’s action”.

Believe in your outcome and think about changing your mind FIRST. Remember:

  • What you WANT is inside YOU
  • Only YOU can motivate YOU
  • Your thoughts determine your actions and ultimate success
  • Doubt (negativity) creates more doubt

Do what you need to do step by step and take action on your goals and dreams. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed, but KEEP IT SIMPLE. Remember that everything has a structure and is a series of small and manageable steps.

You CAN change your mind, change your income and change your life when you do these things.

To the future

Barrie Evans

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