generate leads for freeOne thing every business owner is looking for is leads, whether it’s for sales, a business opportunity or anything else. There is a massive bonus to any business if you can generate leads for free. Although paid advertising will help you to build a list quickly, you can still get yourself free leads as long as you have a great offer and a way to grab a person’s curiosity so they can’t help but opt in to your list.

How To Generate Leads For Free

When you go out on your quest to generate leads for free, you need to take some things into consideration:

  • You need to find groups of people who are looking for what you have to offer that will help them
  • You need to “fish” for these people using the right “lure” in your marketing message
  • You need to target the people who are specifically in your niche so your message to market is relevant.

Taking these things into account, where will you find these people and how can you make them leads for you and your business?

When you understand how easy it is to find out where these people hang out, all you need to do is to work on your communication skills and be able to trigger their “nosey” gene so they come to find out more about you.

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Where To Generate Leads For Free

generate free leadsThere are 3 ways you can generate free leads and the places to look for the right people, who are busy and are going to be a great prospect for you is going to be:

  1. Facebook – Groups, Friends, Fan pages

    When you consider Facebook, you need to look in groups, check out your friends and their friends and also fan pages of top leaders who are likely to be inaccessible to the people who are following them.

    Groups are generally the hardest to get into when you’re new to this. A more experienced marketer will get into the groups and get leads all day. Why is this? Because they don’t do what the “masses” do and post the same link over and over to every groups so they get lost in the crowd of “spam” that most of these groups are full of.

    The best way to get success from groups is to check out the people who are posting something different and get into a conversation with them and interact more closely. The “ice breaker” in this case could be a compliment to how different their approach is and you will get an answer. Of course, if you can be more unique and send out messages that people will notice because your message is different to everyone else’s “buy my stuff” or “click this and join the best opportunity in today’s market” stuff.

    Go and like the pages of top leaders. When you do this make sure you comment on posts and interact, your useful comment will trigger curiosity from people, and because they can’t get near to the person they follow, they will come and check you out. These people are great prospects for you. The more “inaccessible” the celebrity is, the better your chance of getting the lead because they actually like your stuff.

  2. You Tube

    Go to You Tube and enter a keyword in that is relevant to your niche. What you need to do is to set your search to find recent videos and you can then find new people who are busy posting videos based on a subject within your niche.

    What you will discover when you do this is that some of these people will only have a few, if any subscribers, so when you subscribe to their channel do you think they will go and check you out? Of course they will. So make sure you have a description in YOUR channel that includes a link to your offer or capture page so they are compelled to opt in. BANG! Another free lead for a few minutes work!

  3. Twitter.

    When using Twitter for this free lead strategy, you need to search for terms that are again relevant to your niche. When you get the results they will be from people who are CURRENTLY taking about that subject. You can pick out people and contact them. Make sure that you DON’T send them a link to your business or try to sell them something. How many messages do you get that come from what appears to be a human being instead of a “selling machine”?

    Be different to the masses and you will get leads because people will be curious who this “different” person is.

Work on your email follow up messages. Learn to communicate and you can easily get between 5 and 10 leads per day, which will be between 25 to 50 a week based on 5 working days! When you have great relationship building skills and have the KLT (know like and trust) factor, you could have a seriously good business.

Try out this generate free leads strategy starting NOW and you will see a difference in your business.

To the future,

Barrie Evans