Prepare your mindYou’re finally going to take that giant step into the mysterious world of working at home, but you have some concerns. One thing you absolutely MUST do is prepare your mind and body for this experience. You may have heard all the myths, negative talk, etc. that others throw your way when you enlighten them about your new-found dream.

Don’t let negative people stop you from going after your dream of working at home. If you really want to work from home, you will be comforted to know that there are tons of people achieving success by working from home.

Make sure that you prepare your day and STICK to your tasks. Write them down and plan. There are some tools available that can help you focus on your tasks. A simple free application called Focus Booster is available that will give you a 25 minute timer to achieve each task, followed by a short break to refresh your mind.


Here are 3 ways to help prepare your mind and body to achieve success in your home business.


1.      Preparing Mentally and Eliminating Fears

Because success begins in your mind, mental preparation is the first step. You will already know that there are no guarantees in business or the employment world and FEAR is a big thing to overcome for a lot of people. Have belief in what you do and TRUST your own judgement. It’s surprising the people who say that things are not working. That isn’t necessarily true. In fact, more often than not it’s a mindset and belief thing.

One great way to overcome this is to concentrate fully on your goals, not on all the things that “could” happen. If you have a comfortable nine-to-five job and fear losing that security in order to work at home, that’s perfectly normal. However, when you decide to start your own home business, you will need to keep your goals in sight all the time. When fear creeps in your mind, remind yourself that ANY job could be terminated at any time in the business world. So why not have your own business where you’re free to make the decisions that will determine your future?

Prepare your mind, dealing with eliminating fear and keeping focusing on your goals and working daily to reach those goals, you will reap the rewards.


2.      Preparing for a Roller Coaster Experience

One thing that is typical with owning a home business is the roller coaster ride experience. Be prepared to experience ups and downs with finances, customer demand, product or service availability and everything else that goes along with a business. If you’re the type of person who loves adventure and a challenge, this will probably excite you. If you’re more of a steady, even-flow type of person, then this may sound a little scary.

One of the best ways to prepare for the ups and downs is to have a budget. Learning to budget for a business is a great stress reliever. Why? Because a budget places the financial burden on paper instead of on your shoulders! A budget will potentially free you from the temptations to overspend when profits are up as well as from temptations to quit every time things are down.

It can actually be fun to watch the trends of your business each month, and eventually year by year.


3.      Preparing Physically for a Change in Pace

You can start your business part time of course, but if you’re planning on leaving a very active job in the workforce to work a network marketing, computer-based or any other type of business at home, then you could be in for some surprises. You might not realize how active you really were on the job until you’re confined to the computer all day trying to generate more business.

Never stop being active. Even though there may be a temptation to stop all activity when you begin working from home, stay active! Unfortunately, activity is what stimulates the mind and enables your body to keep functioning at the right pace.


The less active you are, the less energy you will have.


Prepare yourself by committing to at least a small frame of time each morning for exercise. Take a thirty-minute walk in the morning and during your lunch break to clear your mind. Go to the gym daily, or take the kids to the park. Keeping yourself active also keeps your mind full of fresh ideas for business expansion, promotion and producing quality service. One of the most important things to remember is that if you’re out you will meet more people and you will have the chance to network!


When you prepare your mind and body, working from home will seem less stressful and more enjoyable. Your focus will be clear and you’ll be able to reach your business goals.

To the future,

Barrie Evans