Have you been thinking about starting your own home based business, but don’t know where to begin? Take a look at yourself first.

Here are a few ideas for you so you can discover the best home based business for you.

1.    Do you have any hobbies – or something you enjoy that you know a lot about?

Write down all the things you really enjoy doing in your own free time. Include everything because this will help you in your search. Chances are that you will know a lot about what you enjoy and can share good tips and tricks with others.

Because you do these activities regularly without outside encouragement, it’s safe to say that hobbies are a great source of motivation and energy for anyone. If you’re already doing something without being paid, you would do it for money wouldn’t you? The major difference being that money would come second in comparison to the immediate satisfaction you get from doing something you love to do.

2.    Do You Have any Expert Knowledge?

When working in your past jobs, it’s likely that you have accumulated a great deal of knowledge and expertise on a specific subject. Because of this expert knowledge you can help others too. Don’t let your skills go to waste. You can use them to help others and profit from them.

Make a note of your knowledge and also any specialized skills you may have developed too. Whether this be in sales, event organization, public relations, accounting, counselling, etc.

3.    When visiting a Book Shop, which section do you head for first?

I bet you are asking yourself, “What? What has that got to do with anything?”

It has a lot to do with everything. The FIRST place you head to in a book shop usually indicates which topics you love reading about doesn’t it?

Think about the authors you like and subjects that you love to read about and you have another list. If something inspires you, you can use it in your business development.

4.    What have you enjoyed in the past?

Times change and life changes with it. Have you thought about something you used to do that you just don’t have time to do now? Did you want to develop this activity but never got round to it?

Life changes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go back to things we used to do. If you are still passionate about something you used to do, make a note of it.

5.    What comes Naturally to you?

In order to find this out, it would be best to ask your friends what you are naturally good at – you may be surprised what you find out! What you think you know about yourself is not going to help with answering this one. If you discover things you didn’t believe you were good at, then you can expect to open doors to the best home based business for you. Don’t hang about. Go and call several of your friends, and ask them “What do think I’m good at?”

Don’t question or argue with their opinions. Take note of everything, including the good and bad, take it all in and act on it. At the end of this exercise, I bet you’ll discover things about yourself that you never believed you were good at.

It’s astounding sometimes to find out what others know about you that you don’t know yourself.

Then the Road Becomes Clearer.

Once you have completed the steps discussed here and have a list of things you love to do, what you are naturally good at and your level of expertise, then you can do your research and find your best home based business.

Does this help you to see the beginning of an exciting journey towards your dream business, rather than an intimidating chore?

These short exercises should help you to choose the RIGHT business and the one you are most excited about. Starting this journey will be easier because you will enjoy what you do.

Don’t get any misconceptions about not having to work hard though. It takes time to build any business. Steady and deliberate progress is made by ACTION and planning. Get whatever extra training you require and act on it, step by step.

Remember that action and planning will lead to success. Think at least 1 to 2 years realistically to start to get where you want to be. If you can get there sooner, Good Luck!

If you are having FUN when carrying out your business it will be easier to work at it. These steps should help you achieve both fun and fulfilment when you start your home based business. The money is the bonus!!

Barrie Evans