5 Ways That Success And Failure Are Closely Linked And How To Ensure Success

Failure and success are closely linkedWhy is it that success and failure are closely linked?

Success is simply achieved by doing the things that are easy to do, but they are also easy NOT to do. Failure is the result of the ease of not doing just ONE simple task that is important in the whole scheme of things.

How do I know this? Well, I have experienced it myself and have learned the lessons from that.

Step By Step From Failure To Success

“Failure is the mother of success” ~ Chinese Idioms Dictionary

Depending on how you see failure, this statement is very true. If you see failure as devastating, you will believe this to be absolute rubbish, but if you treat failure as feedback, it will give you insight into what NOT to do, change things slightly and be successful.

Change how you approach things and believe that things happen for a reason. Most of the time the reason is that you have stopped doing a particular thing, or missed out a vital “cog in the chain” of your activity to be successful. This is SO easy to do, so don’t be discouraged. The best business people in the world have been guilty of it at some time in their lives, but they dealt with it in order to get past it.

Ways To Prevent Ultimate Failure And Achieve Success

Go from failure to success with simple steps

Below are five ways to help you find success and avoid or deal with failure to be able to achieve more:

  • Small Tasks: Success is achieved by carrying out simple, small tasks each day that you are actively working. If you work 7 days a week your success can happen more quickly, but it’s essential to stay “fresh” and make time to rest a little too. Make a list of the daily tasks you need to do consistently and DO THEM.
    Remember that it’s just as easy NOT to do these tasks as doing them. Successful people carry out the tasks even when they don’t feel like it! The end goal should always be in your thoughts and the reason WHY you are doing what you’re doing.
  • Purpose: Have a clear and definite PURPOSE. Your ambition drives your attitude and your attitude needs to drive your purpose. Without a PURPOSE to what you are doing, your goals will stay out of reach. Small failures may occur, but these can be overcome as long as you learn from them and are usually caused by simple mistakes. Find out what these things are, learn from them and change the task, but remain on purpose.
  • Stay on task: A good carpenter (or tradesman) will measure twice and cut ONCE. Why? Because they want to be sure that they do the job RIGHT!
    Make sure you do the right things in your business and the tasks you do are congruent with that business and your goals. Different businesses have different disciplines, so make sure you find out how to do things BEFORE acting. Educate yourself daily and be sure you don’t miss out any sections of training you do because you “know this part”. Believe me, although you do know MOST of it, there may be one very important thing that you missed. The trainings are in sequence FOR A REASON.
    While you are learning the skills and taking action on what you learn, you may need to hire an expert to help. This may be hiring a coach to guide you or someone to help you to get through the tasks until you are competent and confident enough to do them yourself.
  • Acceptance: It’s important you learn to accept things and move on. If you need to change things, then change them. Very often the change is tiny, but that tiny change can make ALL the difference.
    While I was listening to Bob Proctor the other day he said:

    “Losing is a part of life. Get up and get going!”

    This is all part of acceptance, so be aware that you will have these little obstacles “jump out” at you every now and again.

  • Avoid Procrastinating: Procrastination is a thorn in the side. It “creeps up” on you when you’re vulnerable. In this situation you say to yourself, “this is not THAT important, I’ll do it tomorrow”. FATAL mistake – remember that tomorrow NEVER comes!
    If you’re not careful this will keep on happening and instead of the success you crave, you end up with a form of failure. Why? Because you have stopped working daily on the good habits you are forming to do the necessary tasks you need to do to achieve the success you want. Consistent, daily action forms new habits and habits are done without the need to push yourself to do the task.
    Remember that successful people will do the daily tasks whether or not they feel like it.


CC BY-NC by rintakumpu

CC BY-NC by rintakumpu

I know that the headline says “ensure success” and these are ways to help to do that. The important thing to consider in any circumstance is to carry out those daily tasks, make them habits and track your results. Results only come from consistent action and yet accepting that there will be failures of some kind along the way will help you to make the changes to achieve that success you crave.

Success and failure are closely linked, so make sure that the “easy not to do” tasks are indeed done daily and you head in the direction of the success you deserve.

To the future,

Barrie Evans

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26 Responses to 5 Ways That Success And Failure Are Closely Linked And How To Ensure Success

  • Hi Barrie,

    In order to achieve success, we must acknowledge that on the road there will be some failures, but as you have wisely quoted “Failure is the mother of success” I see it the same way. I make some blunders along the way and failures, but it does teach me so well. I embrace it, not run from it.

    Out of all the 5 ways you mentioned I like the first one the best. Achieve small tasks. When I have a goal I have to complete, I write down so many small tasks I need to do. I check them off as I go and it does give me the confidence I need. It also keeps me on point and feels great when I make that little check next to it.

    Focusing on the entire process would make me procrastinate. But breaking it down in small tasks does the trick for me.


  • Hello Barrie, This is a great reminder to all of us. Oh yes we are bound to fail at times, but the important thing is to learn from your mistakes and move on.

    Thanks for sharing
    Chery :))

  • I know all about those easy tasks that are easy not to do. In my case it wasn’t that I didn’t have a clear goal. I wasn’t enthusiastic enough about what I was involved with to try and reach that goal. Procrastination was an issue for me.

    I needed a change in direction, to find the motivation to be consistent with the simpler daily tasks and not put off the harder ones. No one can expect immediate success so there are bound to be failures along the way.

  • Hi Barrie,

    So many good ideas and advice about keeping on track and how to stop making excuses. Sometimes I look at my TO DO list and I just turn it over but I’m learning instead of looking at the whole list, I look for an item I can finish and when broken down things are much easier and get done.

  • Hi Barrie,

    If I had given up every time I had failed, I would have gone a long time ago! But I’m too stubborn for that, so instead I choose to learn from my mistakes and have another go!


  • These are all important ways to forge a successful path for your business, Barrie.

    I usually find the biggest obstacle, and one that always leads to failure, is procrastination. If you can get to the point of taking thoughtful and meaningful action as you learn new things, then even your failures will inevitably pave the way to your success.

    Thanks for the inspiration here, Barrie.

  • Hi Barrie ,
    it is true we have to see failure as a helper and
    a signal to do something different . If we see failure
    not this way it will hold us back. Failure is a good teacher.
    Your post is a good reminder to change our perception about
    failure . Thank you

  • Hi Barrie,
    I’m reading Tony Robins book “Waken The Giant Within” and he talks a lot about the “pleasure/pain principle”, pretty interesting. He says we associate fears of failures (or fear in general) with certain circumstances in our lives which keeps us from doing things. He suggests focusing on the question “what will happen if I don’t do this ..” and turn/re-frame what we don’t want to do into a positive experience … So your suggestions are good ones, but the person who has trouble stsaying on task will most likely continue to be a problem .. can’t win … great post 🙂

  • Hi Barrie,
    Really enjoyed your post 🙂 I would have to agree with you that failure and succeed are definately linked and you have shared these awesome 5 ways to prove it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Yes Barrie, there will be failures along the way, but that is how we learn. I know it’s how I learn. Sometimes I find a better way so it’s all good in the long run.

    Of the five I also like achieve small tasks. I have a weekly sheet with a page for each day. The calandar on the front page where I short form tasks for the week. I check off each day tasks I have completed. At the end of the day I write more detailed notes online using Journey software.

    That way I am consistent which helps also with being motivated. Thanks Barrie.

  • Hi Barrie
    I have to say trying to read this lettering on the black background is hard.

    Your article is spot on! We are always so much closer to success than t we think we are.

    The secret is to simply create success habits so that you don’t have to think about those tasks, they are must part of your routine and then life gets easier. We are definitely creatures of habit!



  • Hello Barrie!

    Another great post! My best takeaway (even though the whole post is really good), is “carry out those daily tasks, make them habits and track your results. Results only come from taking consistent action and yet accepting that there will be failures of some kind along the way will help you to make the changes to achieve that success you crave.”

    All of the above is about having the proper mindset and treating your business like a business instead of a hobby. I can see the work you put into this post, we, as your readers, appreciate your attention to detail.

    Much success to you Barrie!


  • Hey Barrie,

    This road to success is a big process. But then again it’s an endless process because personally I don’t want to stop once I get to my destination.

    But yes there are definitely going to be bumps on the road. But we should let that deter us. I stead we should learn from our failures. If we’really consistently doing this then that’s an indicator of our growth.

    Thanks for sharing your 5 tips! I hope you’re having a great day!

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