Be a master recruiterThe most important thing to be seen as a master recruiter is that you are authentic. Be true to yourself and show yourself to be attractive to a prospect by indicating your desire to help THEM to be successful. Be real and avoid hyping up things to get the sign up “at all costs”. Money is a part of business, but it shouldn’t be evident that it’s the most important thing when you are recruiting into your business. Remember it’s all about the prospect FIRST!

Be A Master Recruiter By:

  1. Being a person with a vision. People are attracted to those of us who have a true vision. When you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, the process to sign up a prospect is easier because your definitive vision is clear in their mind too. This is very important because it shows you have a goal and to achieve that goal you need to help your prospect to be successful too.
  2. Being a person with passion. When you have passion for what you do it shows. Your passion should be contagious and then your prospects will have the passion to move their own business forward too. If there is no passion for the business, then it’s less likely that the prospect will be a good one for you.
  3. Being a person with self-belief. When you have self-belief, you’re going to show self-confidence too. People like people who have confidence and trust in their ability. Self-belief will help you to overcome fear and other obstacles that can prove to be a big hurdle in your efforts to build a successful business.
  4. Being a person who is a student / teacher. When you go through the L.A.R.S (Learn, Act, Results, Share) system of thinking, you will be seen as someone who is going to lead by example. You will be training your prospect to take note of L.A.R.S and if you are going to be teachable and then become the teacher your prospect will see that and copy you.
  5. Being a person who has clarity. You should have clarity of thought and knowledge of the type of person you want to work with. This is a very important point that requires your attention. What will be their attitude, what will be their activity and what will be their commitment? What is the point of working with someone who you don’t feel some kind of connection with? Connection is important to build your team so that you can get the best results for everyone.
  6. Practice, Practice, Practice. We often don’t recognize our own qualities, but others often tell us what qualities we do have, even though we may not realize what qualities we actually have. When you take the first 5 points and practice more and more you will become a master recruiter and you will be the type of person that most people will want to work with.

A Master Recruiter Indeed

When you take all of these 6 steps and apply them to your business, you will be the kind of person a lot of people will want to work with. You will become a master recruiter that anyone will be proud to follow and join in business. Building a team of people with a good attitude as well as aptitude to do the work required to be successful will be vital to your own success.

Becoming a master recruiter who is attractive to your prospects will be easier if you can adopt these 6 easy steps to create a better future for you and your team.

To the future

Barrie Evans