good habitsHaving just completed a 90 day challenge, I believe that I’m qualified to talk about how taking on a challenge in your business helps you to develop good habits and consistency. When you have an online business and a blog it’s very important to keep regular content rolling onto the site and sharing that content to build your brand and reputation.

How A Challenge Helps To Develop Good Habits

What a challenge does is to settle your focus on creating content regularly. You may be a little daunted by the thought of creating content on a daily basis that is of the quality you want to “bring to the table” as it were. Consistent actions bring forth good habits that will hold you in good stead for the future.

What the challenge does is create the good habits of DOING the tasks on a daily basis that will help you to get “in the flow”. The consistency of content creation can give you the ideas that can also lead to a product creation project that, when finished, you will be able you to sell for 100% profit.

The video challenge I was on helped me to get on camera and to develop more confidence and also helped me to write more content for my blog. These are all good habits when you have a business where you are required to help other people to advance. It shows your prospects that it’s possible to do the tasks when you set your mind to do them. You are no different to me when you have the drive and ambition to develop a successful online business. All most people need is the right direction and the best advice to get their business moving in the first few weeks.

Good Habits Come From Ninety Day Challenges

The best challenges tend to be over 90 days. When you build on your good habits over this period of time, you will grow your reputation when your content is viewed and you start to get positive feedback. Getting positive comments for your content is a great feeling and gives you the inspiration to continue.

Another thing is that you will get more experience and the ninety days will give you the knowledge to “tweak” things if necessary or change your strategy because what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked that well for you. Not everybody gets the same results, but I know a few people who have managed to get to a full time income in the ninety days of consistent action.

The consistent action to create quality content and share this with your prospects to help them to progress is another way to prove your commitment to both them and your own business. Good habits formed from the basis of the challenge that has been put in front of you.

When you’re faced with a challenge in your business that will help you to progress, don’t hesitate to have a go at it. This will benefit you a lot because it will help you to develop consistent action and good habits in your business and life.

To the future

Barrie Evans