screen capture videoAs an internet marketer these days you will at some time have to venture into video. A simple screen capture video is a great way to build confidence and get some fluency in your message, especially if you’re scared of the prospect of getting in front of a camera. When using the screenshot you can script what you say, but I would say to loosely script it so as to sound more natural when you describe what you’re talking about.

What Can You Use Screen Capture Video For?

Screen capture video can be used for a lot of things. You can capture the screen of a capture page and talk about the product or service and its benefit to your viewer. This is a very effective way to promote affiliate products and get more people onto your email list and get some sales. Another thing you can do is to provide a screen capture video training that will show what you did to get a number of leads and how the viewer can do it too. This is basically you talking over the method and doing what you did to get the result while recording the video. If you have anything to share where you want to show somebody something, you can use screen capture to achieve this.

Getting Your Screen Capture Video Seen

Ok, I’ve done my screen capture video and uploaded it, now how do I get it seen?

If you know how to syndicate your content, you can take the video link and share it the same way you would your articles. You can incorporate the video into your article if this is easier for you, but it’s a good thing to share separately too. Make sure your main keyword is in the title of the video and also in the description so the search engines can find it and index it to the appropriate terms. If you know how to get some backlinks to your content, then do this for your videos too.

Another important thing as a marketer is to get your call to action in. This is just as vital with any video when you’re promoting a product or service, or even showing training. You want the people to join your list so you have the opportunity to share more great stuff with them and build the relationship so they will buy from you. Mention the link to your product or service towards the end of the video, clearly say where it is, tell the person what you want them to do, like “click the link in the description” or something like that and then put the link at the top of the description. Immediately after the link, put in the main keyword and the rest of the description. This will be a good method to have more search traction.

As you do more screen capture video your confidence will grow, you won’t need to have a script and then you may have enough confidence to get in front of the camera. When you can do this the connection will be more real and you will get more benefit from it.

To the future,

Barrie Evans