wise choiceLife is a place where a wise choice is required every now and again. I’ve recently been reading The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. In the preface to the book proper, there are 3 short stories that are relevant to so many things. Among them was a story of a wealthy dying man with twin sons. He gave them a choice of 2 things and then sent them away to think about it.

Did They Make A Wise Choice?

The choice the 2 boys were given was this: A million dollars as a one off payment or a penny that doubles its value every day. This essentially means that the penny would double to 2, then to 4 and so on. So, what do you think is the wise choice?

One of the boys chose the million and employed people to help him to invest and make money. After several weeks the outcome was that the investment made money gross, but actually made a net LOSS. The other son chose the penny and saw the amount he had DOUBLE every day. Who DID make the wise choice?

Will You Make A Wise Choice?

This question is relevant to so many things in life, but for this I’m going to talk about business and the possibility of having your own enterprise. Is the wise choice a high cost, high risk enterprise that you can ultimately make a lot of money with, but you will spend a lot of time working and making sure everything is right with your business and finance?

a wise choiceThe alternative is the kind of business that is low cost, lower risk and potentially high yield business that can lead to time and financial freedom. Of course, you can make either business work for you, but what is the wise choice? Only YOU know the answer to that question.

Having worked with my own limited company for several years, I know that the constant “chase” for work and the competition can be disheartening, unless of course you’re absolutely SURE that you’re ok with that. Then there’s the waiting to be paid. I know this happens in a lot of businesses, but to wait to be paid when the CLIENT company tells you they will pay you, which happens with the larger companies here in UK is something I believe we shouldn’t have to put up with. Granted, the money is usually safe, but how do you manage while you wait for it?

The other choice is Network Marketing or an Affiliate system that has some monthly residual income attached to it so that you can make use of leverage and duplication. The advantages are that you get paid on a regular basis and you will, when getting some success, have a pay rise nearly every month! All this is VERY possible with the right opportunity, the RIGHT people to work with and the RIGHT training for you as well.

What is the wise choice for you? I hope that this article has given you a little insight into what you may want to do with your ambition to have your own business and have some freedom to do what you want to do in your life.

To the future

Barrie Evans