action speaks louder than wordsMany of us have been in a situation where you have a good idea what must be done, but can’t do it. You know it’s the right thing to do, but you can’t move. We all know that Action speaks louder than words, so why do we let ourselves get stuck?

Horrible feeling and position to be in – STUCK!!

You keep going over and over things in your head, but even then don’t do anything about it. You have the belief that everything will work out. Somehow life will just magically work it out for you. Then, whatever the outcome, you accept it. There are times when you feel this is okay, perhaps even the best choice; but really it’s down to fear. We just don’t have the courage to make a decision.

Action Speaks Louder Than Words, So Get On With It!

Decisions and taking action is all about facing fear and having the courage to actually do it. Being afraid of making a decision is not something that will serve you. We all want something from life, but for some reason, we don‘t all “go for it”!

Why is that?

Because fear stops you from acting of your own will, even though the action you take would be for the greater good. You’ll look at the “possible” consequences and can’t bear to move forward. This is the negative taking control of you.

So, what about the other action? Well, the fallout of that may also be unbearable, so you don’t take action on that either! You can’t stay where you are. You really must do one or the other. What then happens is you go back to the same fork in the road, taking no action on either and hoping that the next time you go there you’ll have a lot more clarity. Nope! THAT doesn’t work either!

Next comes the “what if” and the “if only”. What if you had the courage to act sooner? You know the rest.

Problem is, we all talk about things, but do we ever follow up and do the things that we are stating we actually WANT to do?

Making decisions is important in taking control of your life. It’s a skill in itself. Some have the ability to do it better than others. For those people, it’s an innate ability. For everyone else, it requires a little work. It needs practice. You have to flex those “decision-making” muscles. You can’t afford to wait around for anything to happen. You have to face up to your fear…fear of failure and of missed opportunities are big ones to take note of.

It’s no good talking about doing something and then not doing it because you’re afraid. Because action speaks louder than words, you have to beat off that fear by taking action to achieve your dream goal. It won’t simple “materialise” like a wish from a Genie or something bizarre like that.

To develop the ability to act when a situation demands it, you need to have acceptance in your mind. When you learn to accept things, you’re able to do more without being fearful of it. No matter what you think, you can’t control everything. FACT!

You can’t see the future (unless you’re psychic or something, in which case skip this); another fact. You will always make mistakes; but you can recover and move on. Accept this and you’re on your way to making tough decisions something you’re used to doing.

Accept that actions are better than just word speakAcceptance really isn’t difficult. You accept things every day. If you drive for example, you take it for granted that the driver coming from the opposite direction isn’t a lunatic and will deliberately run into you. When you cross the road at a designated crossing, or got into a car with someone else driving, then you accept things are going to be ok. How can you do that without thinking? The answer is you don’t really have a choice. You want to get to where you’re going. If you refused to get in a car because you are afraid you might crash, would that affect your getting to your destination? Very possible. You take the “risk” because you’re convinced that you have no choice at that time.

Well, why not apply that acceptance to your decision? We all know that generally speaking, there are no guarantees in life. You may make mistakes, but at least you had the courage to choose. And who could say you wouldn’t have been struck by lightning if you took the other path. There is no way of knowing if you hadn’t acted as you did. Accept this too. It will give you the confidence to keep improving.

Don’t be a victim of circumstance, what ifs or maybes. Talking about something and being fearful about achieving it won’t serve. Taking action and beating those fears WILL serve you. Always remember that action speaks louder than words every time!