good intentionNo matter how much action you’re taking in your business, or your good intention in taking that action, it won’t bring the results you want without a positive thought process. You need good intention that has a defined and positive end in mind and any doubt or lack of belief in any way will diminish the chances of getting the results you’re looking for.

Good Intention Behind The Action

It doesn’t matter how much good intention you have that will help you to build your business and reach your goals, even when taking massive action, if there is even a speck of doubt in your mind about the outcome of your action, then the good intention has no meaning. The opposite of doubt is faith and belief. Believe that the outcome you are intending will be a positive one and your situation will change.

You must have belief in where you’re going and the intent you have to get there.

In the past I had some difficulty connecting with people. This was causing a blockage for me and it stopped me from moving forward in my business. Recently I have been influenced by someone who also had the same experience, but changed their way of thinking. My thought process told me that I would be “intruding” when trying to make contact, instead of understanding that saying “hi” to someone with the good intention of helping them and finding out what they need so I can help someone would help me change my perspective and make the connection easier to achieve. I still have a little to do because it can take a while to get over years of the “blockage” and the thought process that causes it.

Think of it this way, to quote my good friend and great teacher Diane Hochman:

“If you have a negative or doubtful thought process behind the action, the action will not yield….”

Intend your outcome with positive action and your thought process will change to a positive one.

How Did I Change My Good Intention?

I have recently been learning about intention and the simple, but very powerful action to “intend your day”. What I do to intend my day is to write down a simple phrase such as “Today I intend to feel ………..” and “today I intend to get ……… done” (fill in the blanks). At the end of the day I write down what I liked about the day and also what, if anything, I didn’t like. This has helped to set my mind to get used to positive thoughts because of the positive “intention to do and feel” every morning.

This WORKS. Why? Because now I’m more focused on my goals, more good intention to achieve those goals and it has helped me accept that life is good when you believe in yourself, your actions and the outcome you want. My content has a purpose and my good intention has a positive outcome for me. I know this can help you as it has helped me. There was a time when I wouldn’t be as open and share this because I would doubt the outcome would be that this information may help you.

Are you destroying your activity with your underlying thought process? I did and maybe I’m still guilty of this at times. When you become aware of this you can understand more and do something about it.

Make sure you look at what you’re doing and what your intention is behind your action. Do you honestly believe there will be a good outcome or is there a niggling doubt? When you know the answer to this, then you can use every good intention and connect it to a positive thought process to build a great future for you and your business.

To the future

Barrie Evans