all the world is a stageI don’t know how many people you know who are in a home business and network marketing who say “I want to be on stage at the next event”. Several years ago this was such a great achievement as it is now in some ways, but considering what we have at our fingertips these days so we can truly say all the world is a stage.

The internet has built our personal stage. With social media, blogging and video to name just a few simple things, we have the opportunity to become well known and truly influential without physically going on a stage.

All The World Is A Stage – And It’s Mine!

As you move forward, the ambition to get on stage is one that is admirable. Use the stage you already have and build your own reputation. When you do this and you’re noticed then you WILL be the next person to be asked to speak at the big event.

Work on yourself and position yourself as a leader. When you have posture and authority in the right way people will follow you. Don’t be like some and keep saying things like “I’m going to be rich” and “I’m going to be the next GURU” and then do nothing about it. It’s best to say nothing, get your head down and DO THE WORK!

Somebody recently said to me that it’s vital for you to sow the seeds of prosperity by sharing good things and helping those around you. Develop your leadership and GROW into making the fact appear to you and all around you that all the world is a stage – YOURS!

All The World Is A Stage – TODAY

Something for you to think about:

  • Elvis was Elvis BEFORE he was Elvis!
  • Elton John was Elton John even when he was Reg Dwight!
  • You are YOU TODAY!! Not tomorrow, but NOW!

The last statement is the one you need to take in. You are YOU yesterday, today AND tomorrow so what is holding you back? Is it the old “I don’t know enough” rubbish?

Do what you already know and things will change – do you know why?

Answer – Do what you already know and things will change, do you know why?

Get the picture? You already know more than the average person so share it and learn more and share again!

Are you going to wait until tomorrow when you think you may be on stage or are you going to make your OWN stage TODAY because tomorrow NEVER comes. Remember that all the world is a stage and take action to position yourself on the stage you ALREADY have and start rocking your own world because you CAN.

To The Future

Barrie Evans