greatness of selfWhen we are born, we are born GREAT. Everyone who sees a new born baby think “what a beautiful baby” don’t they? Is this in indication that the baby is great? I think it could be. So…Why is it that we resist and deny our own greatness when we get older? There is an answer to this, which may be determined by how we’re programmed by the system, wherever we are in the world. I’m not sure, but we certainly have a different opinion to what is seen in us as a new born baby heading off on our journey through life.

How Do We Resist Our Own Greatness?

As we go through out education we are programmed to believe in the “way of the world”, which is to get a good education, get all the best qualifications and get a good job. Then we are urged to be a good citizen and pay our taxes, save a little money (if that’s possible these days) and then retire and live out our days. Everything is seen to be planned FOR us, instead of being under OUR control. We are led to believe that we are NOT great people and those who are will be from what is seen as a superior background.

The fact we are not any different to these people and we are all born equal in the whole reality of things is disregarded and we are subject to this programming. Then we believe that we are NOT great, when we ARE indeed great people, with greatness inside.

When we try to make a difference having been through the early years, we sometimes falter and then we get frustrated. We get angry and start to get annoyed at people when they don’t do what we expect them to do, even though we have no control over what people do. We start to grumble and moan about everything we are subjected to and then we aim to avoid things whenever we can.

What happens after all this is we believe that what we have to say doesn’t matter. Our words will not be enough to make a difference so we stop sharing and helping people with our own wisdom. If we ignore this feeling and carry on sharing what we know and believe in order to continue HELPING people instead of hiding away on some corner hoping the people who drove you there go away the better things will work out.

All of these things contribute to us resisting our own greatness and we need to change this.

Believe In Your Own Greatness.

don't resist your greatnessAlways ask for the things you want to achieve in your life and concentrate fully on them. Also concentrate on serving others and sharing your own greatness because it was given to you BY RIGHT and help those who need you help to recognize and accept their greatness too.

When you have a team of people, your business revolves around them and how they achieve as well as in what you do. This doesn’t mean that you do their work of course, but depends on your encouragement and how you share your knowledge to teach them how to discover the greatness they possess.

People will flock to you when you embrace and acknowledge your own greatness and be a great servant to them as a teacher and beacon in their lives that showed them their greatness too.

To the future,

Barrie Evans