Attraction marketing principlesAttraction marketing principles are something I have a real passion for. The fact that, as attraction marketers, we have the opportunity to help people and offer value FIRST is one of the great philosophies of attraction marketing. To offer value first and consider the person “on the receiving end” of my approach as someone who has problems of their own and yet may have a different opinion about an opportunity is so important to me. The OTHER person is the most important in ANY conversation.

Attraction Marketing Principles Are The Most Ethical

I believe that attracting people to you because you’re ethical and have their needs at heart is vital to a home business these days. Considering how many people one sees who think they are adopting the attraction marketing principle and yet still bombard everywhere with link after link to buy my stuff or join my business is crazy!

Attraction marketing is all about the prospect and their needs, not YOURS. When you go and post out link after link it shows you’re desperate and you will be more likely to attract people to you who are looking for the money. They will not be the right people to join you who will help to build a sustainable business that will thrive for years to come.

What Are Attraction Marketing Principles?

Essentially the attraction marketing principles are:

  • Lead with VALUE and offer help to those who need it
  • Building good relationships BEFORE offering products or business opportunities
  • Have products that will offer the SOLUTION to the prospects problems that you SUGGEST to them because they helped YOU
  • Giving to the prospect of some time and valuable information to build the relationship and “warm them up” to your opportunity

The thing to remember is that you’re still in business and you still need to sell stuff or sign people into your opportunity in order to make money and build your business. Attraction marketing principles are the tools required to be able to attract people to you instead of chasing people down and getting rebuffed or treated as a “spammer”. There are so many good, honest people who are making mistakes because they are not being trained properly to get the best from their marketing or misled into believing that getting the link out there to “join the business” is the right thing to do and will bring forth great results.

Link bashing is NOT the answer these days. So many companies have got bad reputations and the industry has a bad reputation because of what appears to be “desperate” tactics adopted by so many people who don’t know any better because they are not being TAUGHT the right way. People don’t like to be bombarded with stuff they DON’T WANT!

Attraction marketing principles cut out this bombardment and encourage conversation and relationship building based on questions and finding out what a person’s PAIN is. When you find out what is troubling the person you can help them. When you send them link after link, you will get banned and ignored. What do you think is the better way?

When people say join my business they often go into a full blown presentation when you approach them. A person who says “join me” and then tells you about the potential problems that they can HELP you to overcome because they did is far more attractive to most people. It’s all about education and training to do things the right way.

I believe that the attraction marketing principles are the right way for me and my business because they trigger my passion to help others to achieve what they want to achieve. What about you?

To the future,

Barrie Evans