90 percentOne of the many reasons for contacting and connecting with a lot of people especially when building a network marketing business or similar, is that only about 10 percent of people will actually take the action required to succeed. With this in mind, are you one of the 90 percent or among the 10?

Is It Possible To Reduce The 90 Percent?

The answer to this question is probably, yes. It takes a different approach than you may have been taught, but is also a very sensible option. People when they get into a new business are likely to be very excited and this can lead to mistakes in the approach they make. It’s because of the excitement and inexperience.

I’ve recently been reading Eric Worre’s Go Pro book about becoming a network marketing professional, in which he describes the various “stages” that we can find ourselves in. One key point that everyone seems to talk about is becoming an expert. What is an expert? Usually an expert is a professional in a particular field, am I right?

As a professional, the methods that need to be adopted are NOT to rush in and go for the MONEY. We need some urgency and yet we still need the prospect to be able to make an informed decision that THEY are happy with. Then it’s up to us to create the duplication in our team and help others to move forward in their business WITHOUT seeming as though we are pressurising people.

We can reduce the 90 percent, but it takes a little skill and knowledge that comes from the experts you already know. Network marketing is all about leveraging other people’s knowledge and using the tools available that will make the job easy.

Never Mind The 90 Percent, How Can I Be In The 10?

Network Marketing ProfessionalTo avoid the 90 percent situation for you, it’s important that you start your business the right way. Make the decision to become an expert in your business. Become a true professional and business person who also cares for other people to help them to achieve their dream of more freedom in their lives too.

Any business, whether online or off, requires commitment to your goals and commitment to do business. Don’t treat this lightly and get the education you need to get the success you really want. The first part of the process for you is to educate and inform others about your business and the opportunity. It needs to be about the prospect and how to approach the subject without seeming desperate. This is the biggest mistake as a new business owner. Your excitement will take over a little and you can ask the wrong questions.

We all want to reduce the 90 percent and increase the 10, but this can only be done with the right education. Go pro is a very useful book that can lay the foundation of a network marketing pro’s education.

To the future

Barrie Evans