Are You Ready To Step Up To The Plate?

step up to the plateThere are countless times where a person has confidence around their peers and can easily do a presentation with the leader present. What does this prove? It basically means that the person has no belief to step up to the plate when they have proved time and time again that they have the skill and the absolute ability to do what’s necessary. I don’t understand the lack of belief when the proof that the person CAN do the task and yet they won’t take the vital step and beat the fear and lack of belief.

Why Do We Lack Belief To Step Up To The Plate?

It seems there is an underlying fear that seems to form a blockage in taking this action. The people who have overcome this fear will be the ones who make the biggest strides in their business and they will be the next leaders who will take the mantle and move themselves forward more quickly.

A lot of this comes from confidence in your own ability. When you have your sponsor with you when you present the business or product, you feel more comfortable when they are there because they are there to take over should you make a mistake. What happens when the leader isn’t there is the fear of getting it wrong and there will be nobody there to take up the “mantle” should you falter.

You must remember that you have done this several times and you have the knowledge and the ability to carry it through. When you step up to the plate, you are beginning to command your own space and this is when you grow into the leader you are already becoming.

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Take Control And Step Up To The Plate

step up and make a differenceBeating the fear is the key. You get encouragement from your sponsor and other leaders when they are there. What are your results like when you do the presentation? If they are good, you will get more encouragement from your peers and this is what you need to hang on to.

When you’re there on your own, your whole demeanour can change and that’s when you can “clam up”. You know it needs to be done, but your support isn’t there! Question is, do you absolutely NEED them?

What have you done in your business that you didn’t think you could get past before? Have you made a video, which you were terrified of doing? Have you grown into writing blog posts and providing great value for people because you just GOT ON WITH IT? Yes? Then you need to “bite the bullet” and take the step up!

I’ve had this feeling personally. I’ve been in a situation where I was on stage faced up to thousands of people looking at me dressed in a bright costume with make up on and looking ridiculous. I was in a band at the time and we were fortunate to be a special support to a top UK band at the time. My passion has always been music and I was doing what I loved so I was engrossed in the opportunity and the performance.

The crowd in this instance was my inspiration. When I have been put in a more intimate situation with a crowd to carry out a presentation I literally clammed up and was terrified! I eventually got over this with help from a counsellor and also by thinking about my ability to get into a place where my outcome was all that I thought about and I got through it.

Nowadays I’m much better and I know that I can do so much more than I did before. All it took was to transfer the belief from just the “comfort” of the stage for my music to the purpose I needed for the presentation.

I didn’t believe I could do it, and this is nothing more than the fear some of you may have and the lack of confidence in YOU that you have the skills to achieve whatever you WANT to achieve.

Don’t ever let things get in your way. When required you CAN step up to the plate and you CAN have the same success and more when you do.

To the future,

Barrie Evans

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12 Responses to Are You Ready To Step Up To The Plate?

  • This is a great post and as long as you believe in yourself you CAN step up to the plate! Thanks for sharing.

  • Its fascinating how each one of us has a skill that we are confident about on one situation and not another -great point Barrie.

  • Thanks for the Reminder Barrie,
    It has always been my Belief we are what we Talk and Think about Most so Make sure you focus on where you are Going not where you have been!
    Michael ” First Year Apprentice Blogger “

  • You asked “What have you done in your business that you didn’t think you could get past before?”

    My first professional speaking engagement was in front of an audience of approximately 220 people. I did not sleep for nights before the event I was so terrified. I even considered telephoning the event planner the morning of my speech to say that I had an accident or some type of catastrophic obstacle. But not being one to lie, I showed up. Much to my amazement, I was a natural at public speaking. The best example of feeling the fear and doing it anyway in my life.

    Rachel recently posted The 16 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful Entrepreneurs

    • We all handle things differently. I love to perform in front of people as long as I’m either in a part in a play where I become the character or engrossed in things as I was in the band. It was difficult to speak to people on the more intimate stage because it was different. The most important step is the first one.

  • Barrie, as with so many other “fears”, it only takes that first time, to know that you can put yourself out there and “step up to the plate”.

  • Hi Barrie, Excellent Video as per usual, I love coming back to your site to read your valuable posts. Do the thing you are afraid to do, and the death of fear is certain. See, What we fear doing most is usually what we most probably need to be doing. Thanks for sharing Barrie. 😉

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