are you tough enoughAs you progress through your marketing and you grow your list, it’s inevitable that you will get some people who will send you emails that will criticize and also be downright hurtful! Are you tough enough to take this kind of mail? It will be quite a daunting prospect to many of us, but you should also be advised that these things happen and you do need to accept it.

Are You Tough Enough For The Roller Coaster Of Marketing?

Of course, these things may be rare and the majority of the people on your list accept your valuable content and will praise you and want to stay on your list. You are trying to build relationships with people who WANT to be with you.

Another thing to consider is that these people who send you mail that is hurtful to you really don’t “get it”. It doesn’t matter who these people are with, it’s THEIR mindset that says that everything is a fake and they won’t accept there is a problem with them. All this indicates to most people in the industry is that you are doing something RIGHT in your marketing. Put this experience down to where it came from and don’t let it get to you. Continue to do the things you have been doing and you will get the success you are looking for.

What would you rather have in your business life? Would you rather people who take the value you offer and appreciate it and then want to work with you? Or, would you prefer to work with people who will try to put you down and ridicule your methods and tell you it doesn’t work? I think I know the answer to that one. You ARE on the right track when this happens so don’t worry.

Are You Tough Enough To Refuse People?

Honesty is the best policy! That is the case in almost anything we do. You will have more respect from people when you’re honest with them. Bearing this in mind, are you tough enough to say no to someone?

An example of what I mean is when someone emails or calls you and says they want to purchase a product from you and they want to know if you think it’s right for them. The thing to do is to ask some pertinent questions to see what they want from the product and what their level of expertise is, then if you honestly think the product is right for them you can tell them so. If you don’t believe that it is, be tough enough to advise them that you don’t think it is, whether they are not ready for the content yet and a no for now, or whether it’s not right for them at all. So, you lose a sale, but your reputation with them grows. Don’t just say yes to someone just for the sake of it to get their money or you’ll have them complaining to you that it doesn’t work and you’re a bad person for encouraging them. Could they say this if they went out and bought this product anyway? You advised them not to and yet they did and it failed for them, so it would be unjustified.

It’s tough to say no, but sometimes it’s the best thing to do!

If you can stay focused on your principles and always consider your prospect in everything you do, you will be more attractive to them as a business partner and confident. When you can honestly answer the question are you tough enough with a positive YES, and know it’s right, then you will be well on your way to a better life, a better reputation and a better business.

To the future,

Barrie Evans