Attraction MarketingI have read some different things recently about Attraction Marketing and the principles involved in adopting attraction marketing into your business plan. I have seen thoughts portrayed about what attraction marketing is and some people’s concepts of it.

Basically, attraction marketing is what it says it is – the marketer works to ATTRACT people to them so they can sell their products in order to help people or get them to join their business.


Based on what I’ve learned over time, here are some basic dos and don’ts that I believe you should follow:


DON’T go to a prospect and bombard them with your business opportunity and tell them how great it is. Remember they are human beings with their own opinions and there is nothing ruder than having someone “pitching” at you.


This is the case when using social network sites, especially Facebook and Twitter. If you just go out and just pitch, pitch, pitch and expect people to take notice you will be disappointed.


If you can make friends, then don’t think you have their permission to do this type of marketing to them. Personally, I tend to ignore people who constantly post links to their opportunity without knowing them.


Also, don’t assume that everybody wants what you want. This is rarely the case in today’s society. It would be the easiest thing in the world to recruit someone if everybody wanted the same as you. This is not realistic, so think before you speak or write.


Yes, you may be excited and want everyone to know about what you do and how great it is, but there is a better way, so……


DO ask questions and engage in conversation. This is true for all types of business, whether online or offline. Having recently adopted what I have learned in an offline business situation it was so refreshing and really exciting to get a much better reaction to what I was doing than ever before.


Find out what your potential prospect does and lead the conversation into finding out what their problems are. Encourage them to talk about what they do and when they ask you what you do, tell them but keep it simple. Build a relationship and leave them wanting more.


Position yourself in their eyes as someone who can help them find the solution they are looking for in their life at the moment. You can only do this by building a relationship with your prospect. They may be completely happy in their own business, but not happy with the support of their upline. Each of us has different experiences and each of us is unique. If you can provide a solution to help them progress in what THEY want to do by offering them a product you have developed or can recommend to them.


Attraction Marketing For BusinessYou can be a leader for them in the sense that you have led them to some great training that has helped them to benefit and grow their business. Do you think that this could lead to them wanting more from you? Of course. You never know, they may want to work with you and join you in your business.


So, thinking about these simple dos and don’ts. One vital thing I always consider is the old saying of “treat people as you want to be treated”. If this is the base value you adopt, then think of what annoys you when people contact you and DON’T do the same. Adopt the methods you would like to see when you are approached. Would they be similar to the dos or don’ts?


What do you think is best for you?


To The Future,


Barrie Evans

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