Barriers to overcomeWhen we decide to start a home business, most of us are eager to get moving and achieve the success we know we’re capable of. Some of us go full steam ahead and immediately start seeing results, while others seem to keep running into snags and barriers to overcome no matter how hard we try to get ahead. It’s important to consider that we may have subconscious issues that are preventing us from moving forward, solving these problems and achieving the success we desire. You may well feel you’re struggling to make a success of your home business and maybe feel there is something holding you back.

Ask yourself these five questions:

1.     Are you afraid of success?

Many of us THINK we want to be successful, but deep down we fear success. I know -Why would anyone fear success? Because being ‘successful” often comes with a lot of baggage. We likely won’t be afraid of the success itself, but what comes along with it. We might find ourselves in the spotlight and have more attention and admiration thrown our way. That sounds like a good thing, but it can be quite scary if we’re not prepared to deal with it. We might also find ourselves with increased responsibility. Can we handle the pressure and do what is required of us? Can we properly support a large team and customer base? What if we don’t have what it takes? As these thoughts keep floating through our mind, the dreaded self-doubt creeps in, and we find ourselves shying away from the activities that could bring the success we desire. The best remedy for these fearful thoughts is to keep affirming your own ability to handle whatever comes your way. Take some time to identify what areas of your business you fear, such as building long-term customer relationships and leadership techniques. Knowledge is power, and as you learn and grow, your confidence will also.

2.     Are you afraid of rejection or ridicule?

This is a big issue for some of us. If we have a big enough fear of rejection, we will avoid seeking new customers, clients and recruits. A wonderful technique to overcome this fear is to practice releasing your expectation of the outcome. When you approach a potential customer or recruit, make it your mission to put the information in front of them, and not get hung up on whether they will buy or sign on. Don’t lead with the business / opportunity, lead with help and advice and also ask a lot of questions. Don’t be afraid to say no to someone who may ask you “should I buy this product?” Instead, review where they are and be honest and tell them not yet if you believe they are not ready for it. It will benefit you in the end because you will be seen as helpful and not just another person after their money. With this in mind, set yourself “action goals” versus “results goals”. For example, instead of making it your goal to gain five new customers every week day, make it your goal to APPROACH at least ten potential prospects a day. Don’t worry about how many will join you, just focus on perfecting your presentation and being helpful, professional and available. If you have a good product and a positive attitude, people will be attracted to you and want what you have to offer. Your job is simply to make it available.

3.     Do you have negative emotions about money?

Even though we dream of having a large, successful business that pays well, many of us also have negative thoughts about people who have a lot of money. We fear becoming one of ‘them” — snobby, rude rich people. We might also feel guilty about having a lot of money when so many people in the world have nothing. This is natural in many ways, but it’s ok to receive in the right way. If you have negative issues attached to money, you will resist the manifestation of it in your life. Your mind and heart will be at war and not allow you to create the wealth you truly want and deserve. The thing to understand about money is that it’s simply the physical representation of abundance in your life. Money itself is not good or bad. It’s what you do with the money that gives it positive or negative connotations. Just because you begin earning a lot of money doesn’t mean you will turn into a snob. You can choose your attitude and remain just as kind and compassionate as you are today. And by having plenty of financial resources at your disposal, think of all the people you could help. Rather than feeling guilty about having a comfortable life, you can reach out and share your wealth with others. The old saying “give and you will receive” is completely true.

4.     Do you lack confidence?

Lack of confidence in yourself, the company you represent, or the products you are selling can hold you back also. Confidence, like anything else, is a learned skill that grows stronger with practice. If you are new to your home business, you might shy away from approaching potential customers and recruits because you aren’t comfortable with the procedures yet, or feel you don’t know enough. You might be afraid that people will ask a question you can’t answer. Remember the first few times you drove a car? You were nervous and cautious, weren’t you? Are you more confident driving now? I bet you are, because you’ve done it thousands of times. You can also become comfortable with the aspects of your home business that frighten you, by simply practicing until you feel more comfortable with them. Devote some time to memorizing your prospecting script, the benefits of your products, and your approach. Write it all down and read it aloud over and over again until you’ve memorized it and feel more comfortable with it. Your confidence and enthusiasm will then shine through and attract success. Also, don’t be afraid to leverage the leaders above you in your organisation or your mentor if you have one. Leverage is MASSIVE in the home business arena.

5.     Are you afraid of failure?

Some of us never even get started because we’re so afraid we might fail. We’re afraid to even try to make our dreams a reality. It seems safer to stay in our unhappy circumstances, because even though we aren’t satisfied, at least they are familiar and comfortable. The unknown is scary. But if we don’t try, we’ll miss out on the chance to make our lives better. Progress and advancement in life is not gained by sitting meekly on the sidelines; we need to actually get in the game and start playing! The only true failures in life occur when we give up or don’t try at all.   No matter what fears hold you back, know that you have the power to overcome them and achieve every success you desire. Simply begin changing your negative thoughts to positive ones, and take steps to make your dream a reality. When you come up against something that frightens you or makes you uncomfortable, know that you’ve just encountered an invisible barrier to your success. Should you feel you have barriers to overcome, you can choose to let it defeat you, or you can smash it to bits by pushing right through it.

To the future,

Barrie Evans