stand out from the crowdWith all the “noise” these days all over Facebook, other social media and advertising sources online, it’s more important than ever to be different! You may know the type of thing I’m talking about – come and join my opportunity, buy my stuff because you can earn infinite amounts in xyz! How many people are doing this and getting nowhere?

Be Different And Stand Out

When observing advertising more and more these days, it’s noticeable that those that tend to be annoying and / or “quirky” are those that stand out. You may not want to use the services they have, but you sure remember them. It’s time to do something similar and silence the “noisy neighbours” who are posting the usual nonsense. I don’t mean that you should go and start singing to someone about your offer or have a glove puppet on your hand that you put into someone’s face and tell them about your product or service. That is still intrusive, but you would be remembered even if it was “that stupid idiot who sang at me”! Be different but not intrusive.

Find new ways of writing headlines that don’t “push” an offer, but show that you’re being helpful and giving a solution to the problem the person may have. Offering something without appearing to sell is key to better results because people like to be in control of what they do. They will be happy if you show them something that they believe is valuable and then choose to buy THEMSELVES. Seeing things like “you need this” is a statement that is more a definitive order rather than a choice.

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Be Different And Attract More People To You

When you approach things differently and be more unique, you will attract more people to you. This will be more evident when you offer more helpful information and let others make the choices they want to. Don’t forget that people like to make their OWN choice. Be different in such a way that you offer help and assistance, great value and things that your prospect absolutely NEEDS. It’s not about YOU, it’s all about your prospect’s requirements. Chasing money with endless and repeated bombardment of “buy this, buy that” does nothing to attract people on the whole.

When marketing in this day and age, the more unique you are and the more value you offer your prospect, the more likely you are to succeed. People will get nosey about you and check you out when you stand out. Be different in your marketing and let your creativity shine through so you can get more leads and build better relationships. You will see more results when you develop the relationship by offering great value, leading to people getting to know you, like you and trust you.

Be different and be creative. Stand out from the crowd and you will silence the marketing “noise” all around you and you can look forward to getting better results from your effort.

To the future

Barrie Evans