be authenticI don’t know about you, but I have experienced people coming to me and asking me to endorse them and their skills even when I don’t know them. At least do some research and connect with the person to confirm that what you’re saying is the truth before you endorse them. I don’t feel comfortable if someone endorses me with out knowing me and what I can do for people. Don’t fake things, instead be real, be honest, be authentic and be YOU!

Be Authentic And You Will Stand Out

When I “Like” a page or someone’s content on social media, I do it because I TRULY like what they have to say. There are some who like stuff just to get reciprocated. There’s no point in liking something for the sake of it, because this is not honest and it’s not YOU!

I wonder if the reason why so many people are sceptical towards certain things such as Network Marketing (How many people do you know who say “that’s just rubbish, get yourself a “proper job”?), the internet itself and many more things that have a bad reputation depending on public “perception” is because of the “fake likes”. The “fakers” could well be the cause of this because they are not being HONEST or authentic about what they TRULY believe.

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Be YOU and you will naturally be authentic!

When you are truly honest about things you become more attractive than the fakers. People tend to see through the faker and many are labelled as “con artists”. When you are connecting with your prospects you will need to build relationships to build trust. If you truly like something it will show. If you DON’T, it’s better to say so because the trust will be damaged, sometimes beyond repair, when you say you like something you don’t actually like.

Build trust and relationships by being honest with your prospects and helping them. Be authentic and be YOU without being a fake in any way. Everyone is more likely to trust an honest person who has a strong belief and sticks to what they say. Like what you truly like, not just for the sake of it!