motivatorAre you a person who listens to daily motivational audio and this helps you be motivated to take action? What will happen if you should “overfill” yourself with so much information you get overwhelmed with it? Perhaps it’s time you let go of some of the information and become the motivator. When you’re constantly in a state of receiving information, whatever it is, your “cup will get full” and it’s time to free up some space.

Motivational Audio Will Help You Become The Motivator

I have used motivational audio, personal development books and everything you can imagine to get my own head in order and sift out all of the negative traits. Negativity is a real fighter and looks to make its way back into your head at every opportunity, but when will you NOT need the motivational audios anymore? That is up to you, but you need to empty some space and you WILL have a message to share, so when will you become the motivator and be looking to create you very own motivational message.

Take what you have learned and BE the motivator. It’s up to you to step up and lead instead of being led. Before you can get anything more into your already overloaded “cup” you have to release what you have. I’ll bet most of the audios you listen to are based around business. I may be wrong of course, but so many network marketers are encouraged to listen to the leaders and take what they can from the messages on the audio or video, whichever is applicable.

It’s time to make yourself the motivator and share your knowledge. You have more than you can ever imagine. Do you realize that it’s more than likely FEAR that holds you back. That is the negativity fighting back. Don’t ALLOW it.

Remember that most of the industry of online marketing perpetuates doubt and confusion in order to sell more stuff to people. You KNOW more than you THINK you know. Make the difference and ta away the confusion and doubt instead of perpetuating it and letting it in.

It’s time to make a decision to accept that everything you take in HAS to come out. Share what you have learned so you can empty your cup so you can pour more IN. Then let it out again and so on. This will take from just being the motivated to the motivator too.

Being The Motivator Will Help Your Business

People like to follow people who have energy and show it. Showing that you’re motivated is one thing that is admirable, but what if you’re the motivator too? People will be even more attracted to you because they like to be LED, especially when they are inexperienced and just starting out.

On a call with a good friend and mentor there were 2 important things that came out and resonated a lot with me:

  • You and ONLY you can create your future… and
  • Care about people when you create your fortune…

DO more to make a difference. Motivate the people in your team and lead them to greater things, developing them into leaders too. They will be listening to YOUR audios because you have made a difference to THEIR lives. Then it’s your turn to persuade them to go from motivated to motivator and make a difference. Make a difference to others by making a difference to YOU.

To the future,

Barrie Evans