always begin with the end in mindWhatever your business, or whatever your dream, you really have to have a plan of action. The first thing is you need to know where you’re going and so the end goal is your focus and how you get there is your task. To begin with the end in mind is the order of the day.

Keeping the end in mind before you actually start is the way to develop your plan. Every race has its start and end point. The same applies to a goal in your life or business.  You may have a very big dream that leads to a very big goal. You may not be able to see the end goal in your mind’s eye. Don’t worry about that. Every task you do will take you closer to your goal. You can see the end of a hundred metre race, but not the end of a 1500 metre one. That’s ok because when you have done the first hundred metres, there is only 1400 left to go and you are closer to that finish line. How will it feel when you get to the final 100 metres and you can see the line?

There May Be More Than One Beginning And More Than One End To Keep In Mind.

Because you may have a big dream and big goals, you will have to split your overall task into manageable “chunks”. This will mean that you have several starting points and several endings. Each will help to make you stronger. Think about the 1500m race I mentioned being split into 100m segments. The same applies to a large job. Every big job is a number of small jobs that lead to the final completion.

The most important thing is your END goal. If you don’t focus your mind on what you want to achieve BEFORE you start your journey, you have no direction and therefore won’t be able to split everything up into those “bite sized chunks”.

Knowing your end goal, you can start to plan out that strategy on time scales to reach those mini goals along the way. This “begin with the end in mind” plan will keep you focused on that ultimate goal. You need to be flexible and not get stressed out because you may miss one part of your goal in the time period you allowed yourself. You may have to reassess things on the way because life happens. It’s easier to stay in focus when you can avoid undue stress.

Reschedule each task that starts to go a little “off the rails”. See where you are and be objective. Search for practical solutions and you will get back “on track” quickly. When the delayed task has completed, you can simply readdress the end date of future tasks. Remember, every successfully completed task is another 100 metres towards the finish line.

I see too many people getting themselves stressed out over the simplest things, as I have also done in the past. Yes, you may have deadlines to meet, but it is possible to restructure and reschedule anything. Sometimes it may take some communication if dealing with a client. There is nothing worse than no communication. People in general will understand if they are spoken to about a problem that requires a solution. As long as there is progress and the end is in sight, although it’s not ideal, solutions can be found.

Panic and stress are your enemies here. Fear can be another if you’re on a tight schedule, but these negative feelings don’t serve you.

Always keep your end goal in mind and be sure to begin your plan to succeed with that embedded in everything you do. Knowing where you’re going and beginning with the end in mind is vital before you do anything.

See you soon


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