characteristice of a successful entrepreneurWhen looking at the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur, you really need to see how persistence is an important trait in their make up. Because things tend to go wrong that will, in many cases, cause someone to give up and go back to what they were doing previously or take on a simpler route for them. The persistence and will to succeed is what makes the entrepreneur different from the crowd.

Could I Develop The Characteristics Of A Successful Entrepreneur?

Of course you can. ANYONE can become a successful entrepreneur as long as they get themselves in the right frame of mind and have a determination that they have not had before. Having read Richard Branson’s book Losing My Virginity, it’s evident that he came from very humble beginnings but also had the determination and persistence to do whatever he set out to do and overcame the pressure he appeared to be under. Yes, he needed other people’s help too, but essentially his desire to succeed shone out and kept him going until he made it happen.

You may have a strong ambition to have your own business and make a big success of it. It’s unlikely that you will be able to do this on your own. Yes, there are extraordinary people around, but they usually still need some help of some kind to be able to get to where they want to be. Choices and decisions to be made, but one of the biggest decisions is to tackle the hard times with determination and unending persistence and you will be on the way to have the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.

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Me Have The Characteristics Of A Successful Entrepreneur? I’m Nothing Like Richard Branson!

You may know who Richard Branson is, but if you have not read anything about him or followed him you may not realise that he is dyslexic. As you may also know, this is basically what is sometimes called “word blindness” and he has still worked through this to write several books and build a multibillion organization that has several types of business all over the world! He, like many others that include top people such as Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs didn’t graduate to the levels that so many have. In fact to qualify for the positions they have in the traditional world of business, they would be required to have graduated in their field in order to be seen to have the right attributes to take those positions.

Persistence is not the only thing you need to be successful, but without it you will be pretty stuck. How will you overcome difficulties and come out the other side without a distinct level of determination and persistence NOT to quit and get through whatever is put in front of you to reach your goal.

I admit I’ve made some mistakes along the way and still work towards my eventual success that I know I will have. I’ve always had belief in my ability and I have a determination never to quit. I have, after several things that I thought were good for me, eventually found a business that is a good fit for me. Without persistence I would never have done that. I could easily have stayed with the career I had that didn’t offer me any enthusiasm for it and made me miserable. Yes, I could earn a reasonable living, but being miserable all the time and not wanting to get up to do the job was more than I was willing to do. This fuelled my determination to get the change I want and, because of my persistence, I feel I have found my “fit”.

You CAN develop the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur, so don’t have doubts about that. Have a passion for what you want to do, be determined to achieve it and be persistent to overcome any obstacles that may get in your way.

To the future

Barrie Evans