better pensionsWith all the unrest and upheaval in the current economies and concerns about better pensions, it’s relevant that I agree with one particular slogan “Better Pensions For ALL”. This may be controversial, especially with the public sector unrest currently showing great concern over their pension, but I believe that everyone deserves better. Problem is, like always, it’s down to money.

I had a traditional business for nigh on 30 years until the financial crisis led to me having to close the business. I had put some money into a private pension but this had to be frozen and now I have little or no prospect of a decent pension, which will force me to have to work on – something which the workers who are in dispute are campaigning against. Not that I don’t sympathise, I do – simply because everybody deserves the best they can have.

So what did I do? I went into looking for a way to create a pension for myself where I won’t have to worry about the value of the savings or how much I will lose because of the contributions I have to give from my salary, which in most cases is a lot more than I earn at the moment from my “J.O.B” (Just Over Broke). I have found that having a successful MLM home based business will lead to a residual income, which is repeated income that you will get paid for doing a job just once and then get monthly reward for as long as the customer you brought in remains a customer.

Of course, this is merely the start. There is hard work required to grow an organisation, but the rewards can lead to more time freedom and more income each month. One person I know actually retired in his late 30’s and started to work again 5 years later because he was bored and wanted to take his business to a higher level. During his time in “retirement” his income had doubled because he had spent his time building a successful team around him and the organisation grew as did his income.

One of the most important things to do is to research the company you intend to join (if you decide this may be an alternative for you to struggling with the stress of what you may end up with) thoroughly. Look at the time the company has traded and its performance, then look at the corporate side and check out the management and their history. Then you need to look at the product to see if it’s something that is likely to be of value.

The company I have recently got involved with to build my prospective residual income and better pension has all of these things. Even though they have only been trading for 2 years, these years have been extremely successful and they are expanding worldwide having just opened in the UK.

The product is one that offers a great investment for the future in collectible numismatic coins that increase in value generally year on year. Add that to the possibility of being able to earn a residual, growing income that is for life, then the benefits are tremendous.

Do yourself a favour and take a look at Numis Network and look forward to creating better pensions through residual income.

To the future,

Barrie Evans