what you give is what you getWhat you give is what you get, give and you will receive or any other analogy of the same thing is completely relevant to where we are today. I don’t know if you’re religious or not, but with it being in the Pentecost Season in UK, it’s all about gifts and giving. The gift that God gave on this day according to all Christian belief is of the Holy Spirit. This made me think about how much online business is based around gifts and giving. It doesn’t matter what your religion, the principle of what I’m going to discuss is the same. That’s to give FREELY.

What You Give Is What You Get – We All Have A Gift, It’s How We Use It!

There are a lot of very gifted people in the online marketing world these days. Those who use the gift they have to help others to make their own way in business tend to be the most successful. This is one of the main attributes of attraction marketing. It’s not all about ME! It’s about the prospect and what THEY want.

When you use your gifts to help others to achieve too then you will gain so much more than those who are chasing the money and thinking about themselves first INSTEAD of thinking about their prospects. Give freely of your knowledge and those who follow you will freely give back to you. They will join you in your business if you’re a network marketer or they will buy your products or services.

Because What You Give Is What You Get, It’s Your Job To Share!

The gift of your knowledge is a big part of your potential success in marketing nowadays. You will reap what you sow in many ways when you’re prepared to give. When you share your knowledge you will get noticed and your business will benefit from that.

There are many ways to share your knowledge. You can do this on social media and via blogging or video. The important thing to remember is that you are in business and you want to get paid! When you’re developing a product, you can still give some of it away to act as a “teaser”. It’s important to give something of value to get the “hook” into what you want from your prospects. Value and trust is still the name of the game and persistence is also a major element of getting the success you are looking for.

The better relationships you create and build and the more value you present will be the catalyst for your progress. You still need to give of your time and your expertise, but make sure you leave enough great value in your product to enable you to make some money too.

Give more to your crowd, build your following and get the trust and relationship to a point that you will make money from just sending an email. People will get to know you for your value, get to like you for your gift and trust you because you are honest with them and have helped them with their success too.

Remember at the very outset that what you give is what you get and build your business around that principle. That way you will become an attractive target for anyone to work with.

To the future

Barrie Evans.