Choices and decisionsChoices and Decisions – there is a difference between them. You can make choices on a daily basis and, if you don’t feel like it, you can leave it until the next day. How many times have you made a choice to do something and yet you put it off until tomorrow?

Choices And Decisions – What IS The Difference?

A decision will cement things in your brain. When you make a definite DECISION, you are making more of a commitment to do what you set out to do. It’s your CHOICE to make the decision and yet you don’t have to make that choice. What this does is to set in your mind that your decision to carry on as normal, whatever “normal” is for you.

This is key when trying to build your business into a success that will give you the future you want from it. When you make a decision to “go for it” and decide that you won’t stop until you are successful and able to enjoy more freedom and peace of mind that you have achieved more than you could ever imagine, you have much more satisfaction in your life. Making changes and making the decision is the key. Your daily choice is what upholds your decision and keeps you accountable to that.

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How To Make The Best Use Of Your Choices And Decisions…

The best way to achieve this is to treat your decision as a “headline” in your mind. Base your daily choices around your decision and don’t stray from your targets. As you improve, make choices to do more and learn more. This is all part of your education as a marketer and entrepreneur. Use the knowledge you obtain from your mentor(s) and take action on what you learn, keeping your “headline” decision at the top of your mind.

When you get more done, you may be able to afford a day off. The choices and decisions you make will determine when this can be. When you progress and your business is growing, giving you more income and more security as it does grow, you will be able to have more time. You will still need to have a daily routine, and your choices and decisions will still be relevant through all this. What will happen is that your knowledge and competence will grow and you will get things done more quickly and yet still have the expansion of your business towards your goal of more freedom and satisfaction in your life.

Making the right choices and decisions will change your life. Your main decision needs to be your “headline” that is the basis for all of your choices that determine your daily routine. Good luck to you.

To the future,

Barrie Evans