You need a system. And you need to be consistent in working that system.

Free home business leadsTo be able to generate free home business leads first you need a website. If you can get a domain name then get one in your own name if it’s available so you can brand YOURSELF. It would be beneficial install a blog, such as wordpress, so that you can write (or obtain) articles to post that are relevant to your business. Make certain that the articles add value to the reader and help to build that trust needed in order to get their details from a form you have on your site. You will also need a Capture Page to get these details. The capture page should offer a solution to the problems the visitor is experiencing by sending them a useful free product you know offers value, enabling them to join your email list.

Get an auto responder. To enable you to market your opportunity to your new list, you need an auto responder. There are many available, some free to use for an initial amount of subscribers (and some for reasonably low cost) until you get a large list and then the pricing kicks in or goes up. Do your research to find the best one for you.

Now you have 2-3 key elements you require to begin to build your “toolbox” to generate free leads.

What you now need is traffic to your website and capture page. If you don’t have funds available to invest in your education, you need to invest time to find good tips and advice to learn how to get this traffic. You can find ways to get your articles seen and get some “juice” that is good for the search engines. Two good sources are Posterous and Only Wire. You can use each of these for free. When you have written your article you can post the article to Posterous, making sure you include a link back to your website in an “anchor text”, which is the main keyword you are targeting in the article. Posterous will send your content to a few social media sites and blog platforms as long as you set up your account to do this. You can also post the same article to Only Wire, which then posts your content to several other social media sites. Make sure you do your keyword research properly. Take note of the competition and use longer key phrases so you have a chance of getting your article seen and ranking in the search engines. If you are working against millions you will not get seen unless you are a real expert or very lucky.

Join online forums and find those relevant to your particular niche. You can get links back to your website by including them in your signature. Make sure you follow the terms and conditions of the forum to achieve the best from your input. Remember; always give value to the conversation. Your reputation will grow with that.

Use social media. With hundreds of millions using social media, it’s likely you will find a lot of prospects there. If you are not already on it, get along to Facebook and create an account. Add some friends and see how the interaction works. Then you can get yourself a fan page, where you can promote your business to whoever you get to follow you. When you get a fan page, go to interact with other fan pages and it’s surprising how your followers can grow. One tip for you, don’t go onto another fan page and blatantly promote your business. Add to the conversation and give VALUE. People will be curious to know who you are and will follow you and become a free lead. Then you can promote to them because you have built up some rapport and trust.

Be warned, this could take you a long time. Yes, there are people who have been able to generate income quickly, but they have proved their consistency and level of effort to get there. Three hours a day minimum is what is required to get quicker results, but it is hard work and hard learning. The rewards are satisfying and it will get easier.

When you have earned some money, put some aside to invest in more education and marketing. Then your business will grow faster and you will make more money.

To the future.

Barrie Evans

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