Can you make money bloggin ? Of course!

make money bloggingYet, I don’t believe that’s why your here. You don’t need to be sold on the money making capabilities that is BLOGGING You’ve heard the claims, You’ve seen the case studies, and rants on the income created from bloggin. Which is why I wont address how prolific it can be as a traffic source and platform for income. Today, I will touch on what matters most thou … THE HOW ? (But first let’s dig into the reality of it all) Their are 100,000 WordPress blogs opened a day. But their aren’t 100K six figure bloggers being crowned daily.In fact I wouldn’t even say 1% of those bloggers actually make money …. The Truth: Most people who take up bloggin fail . They don’t have the NECESSARY SKILLS to be a successful blogger, They get redirected into doing something else (LACK OF FOCUS AND TO MANY DISTRACTIONS), they lose hunger for making money and quit right before they get to the finish line … Today I Want Educate Winners: I want to give you my formula for getting through the first 30 to 60 days of blogging. Why 30 to 60 days ? Because that’s where the failure is. Because that’s the time when Google and the rest of those BOYS (other search directories) start to index your site and create an identity for it. And like LIFE, it’s hard to escape a stereo type once it’s stuck on you!

…So, here what I need you to do:

  • Grab a Pen and Paper NOW, because I’m not here to waste your time (I’m about to give you a formula that 6 figure marketers use) !!!
  • BELIEVE…. Because it was my faith that turned me into a Full Time blogger 5 years ago
  • Promise that you’ll go right to work with what I’m about to give you

Quick Recap: In this training series I deliver exactly how to get your blog through the first 30 to 60 days (Because that’s when the traffic will come and the money will start to flow). Note: Remember to thank your fearless leader Barrie for allowing me to deliver these tips.

5 Surefire Steps You Need To Take If You Want To Make It Out Of The Hot ZONE (The first 0-60 Days Of Blogging)

[youtube] Let’s Recap Part 1:

  • Nothing about blogging is “get rich quick” (If I’m not honest you’ll FAIL and that not my MO)
  • You must get CLEAR on a POP “Pocket Of People” (This is where the money is, and where your blog get’s it’s identity)
  • Not All Keywords Are Equal (Choose buyer keywords, and if your feeling FROGGY, jump for the higher converting ones)
  • Create A Purple Cow Blog (Be unique)
  • On Pg SEO (Keep it simple and consistent) Note: Most people aren’t doing this


Expert Blogger N Family Man
Expert Blogger N Family Man

JMC Mason Rudolph: Is an expert Blogger and Facebook Marketer. He is founder of Crack Your Own Damn Code and is always looking to deliver the most UNCUT,the most entertaining ,and fun loving VALUE POSSIBLE. πŸ™‚

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….Can You Make Money Bloggin