Why is you care so muchI don’t know how long this post will be. I usually plan and look at everything first and then let the words flow after. This subject came to me after reading a letter and if it’s short, the message will be, I hope, a strong one. If it flows, then it will be hopefully even better!

I have always tried to listen to people and help with whatever I can. I have had people tell me I care TOO much. Moreso when it comes to business. I know the value of what I know and yet I still want to give more than I take.

Thing is, I look at the “professional” career people like lawyers, doctors and the like and ask “why do these people get paid SO much”? Of course, it’s because of what they know and how they can help you. Also, it’s generally because they have a “value” to the general public. People who are moving house need a lawyer to do all the legal bits of the house purchase. People who are sick need the doctor and they help to heal the sickness. What we don’t see is just how hard these people work.

Take the “other end” of the scale. Let’s look at the expertise of an electrician, because this is something I know. Very often, the perception of “value” is seen by what people believe they can do themselves. The best value offered by an electrician is his expertise to keep you safe from electric shock. He can stop you being killed! The doctor can stop you from dying of the illness you have if they have the medication or treatment available to do that. What is the difference? In my mind, NOTHING AT ALL!

People don’t try to do the work of a doctor to cure their illness. It’s normal for them to visit the surgery, see the relevant professional and get their treatment administered in the correct way. People WILL try to do electrical work because “it’s not that hard”, which undermines the value of the trained professional in that area of expertise. What happens then? The people will not pay the same for the electrician to prevent death by misadventure caused by the work done, but they will pay for the services of what is regarded as a “professional” service.

Where am I going with this and how is it connected with caring too much? I’m getting to it so don’t worry.

Caring Too Much Is A Good Thing!

How Can you care too muchEducation plays a part in everything. Perception of the value of the education and the service provided at the end of it is another factor. People in general are not happy with their “lot”. They want MORE! How many times have you seen things on Social Media stating how much money people are making? How true is this? I doubt that all of it is true. There are some people making money, sure, but there are so many things based on GREED in my mind. There is a perception that EVERYONE is chasing the money.

This is not true!

I have been fortunate enough to have had mentors who are still around for me. I won’t ever give up and they show dedication to my cause, which is what they would do even if they have not “earned” from me. These are the ones who are GENUINE. They don’t “chase” anything! They CARE about those who keep trying!

This is how I try to live my life.

Of course, I have come across people who do chase after the sale or the sign up. If they don’t get it, they rush off to the next person and you never see them again! The ones who care engage with you. They ask questions and find out what you need and try to help you. They come back to find out how you are. Because of this, they are asked why they don’t charge more for their courses or their mentoring. Because they care, they want to see people having the success they are having. They DON’T “chase” the sale. They are around for years and years and they don’t go away.

These are the people who are said to care TOO much, but they are still around and the “money grabbers” are gone forever. I know which I would rather be. What about you?

To the future,

Barrie Evans