Change mindsetWhen you think of two simple words and how you adopt them into your thought process, you can change mindset and achieve so much more.

What are these words?

They are Must and Should.

While reading Tony Robbins’ best selling Awaken The Giant Within (which I highly recommend) recently I got to the part of the book where he discussed the situation of how you can change your whole attitude and mindset by thinking about how differently these two words can affect how we react.

The story that was talked about was how a friend had a strict fitness and diet regime and stuck to it rigidly and another friend who didn’t have the same drive to do the same. The basic difference was that the one with the drive to keep to her daily routine when asked came up with the answer – “I must train every day and I must eat fruit in the morning” plus a few more things that were attributed to what she did every day.

When asked about how she thought about her situation, the other person said “I should do more exercise and diet so that I get fitter”.

So what was the difference? I’ve started to think the way of “I must” because it develops urgency into what you do and then you are more likely to take action. I have used the “I should” analogy in the past and when I thought about it, that’s all that really happened – I thought about doing it and didn’t. It’s a little like saying “I’ll do it tomorrow”. But there is one thing – Tomorrow never comes! It is always ahead of us.

Change your mindsetChange the way you look at what you want to achieve – think of it as “I must do whatever to achieve my goals for today” rather than using the “I should” analogy that does nothing to give you the urgency to complete your task.

Adopt this into your life and into your business and you will see a difference. “I Should” can lead to procrastination, which will kill your business in time. “I must” is the key to changing mindset and getting more done to achieve your business goals.

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