How a choir can help business teamworkWhatever business you have, it’s important to work in a team. Teamwork skills are important in every business to be able to get the best from your productivity as an individual or as a group of workers.

The importance of teamwork is often underestimated by some people who work in their own business. Take the situation where you have a home business doing network marketing; it’s a key part of your road to success.

Where does a choir come into this? I will explain…

As a part of a choir, you as the singer are responsible for your own part. Yes, you are part of a wider group, but does this mean you are not as important as any of the others?

Of course not!

Every voice is a “cog in the machine” and is an important part of the overall structure of the sound created. Likewise, a business team member is a vital part of the production of the income.

In every walk of life, you get those who hang on and “wait” for things to happen before they start or join in. In a choir, this happens usually because of a lack of confidence in personal ability. This is overcome by just “going for it” and being prepared to get it wrong. The others will help to put it right, but the conductor is more likely to be pleased with the attempt and have the chance to put it right as soon as possible. You will only learn by doing and being prepared to get things wrong. If you are isolated, it is more likely to be very prominent, but with a group you have the chance to learn and get it right with the assistance of those around you.

Sound familiar?

You see, in a choir there is “safety in numbers”. This can be said about working in teams too.

Even within a group, you are an integral part of the overall success of the mission, whether it’s to produce a wonderful vocal sound in a concert or to produce good profits for yourself and the team around you.

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Even vocal soloists need people around them. They generally require accompanists, a band or an orchestra to be able to successfully deliver the song in a concert. As a home business owner, you also need support. It’s an exception to the rule if you make it “all on your own”. After all, most “overnight successes” have taken years to make it.

When the individual member in the choir takes full responsibility and does some work to learn their part away from rehearsal, this makes life easier for the conductor. They become a reliable and trusted member of the group and are integral to the overall success. When you, as a business team member, are prepared to educate yourself and do what is necessary to help the progress of the team, you will also become a trusted and reliable member, integral to the success of the business.

The power of teamwork is more than evident when you take responsibility for yourself and help those around you who falter a little to build their confidence. In the choir, this helps to provide a stronger voice and a stronger section in that overall structure.

I hope you can see that the importance of teamwork is all around us and it leads to great success.

Work on your own confidence, take responsibility and give everything you have got to see you own teamwork skills shine through.

To the future

Barrie Evans

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