commitment and consistencyCommitment and consistency in your business comes in two forms:

  1. Customer / Prospect commitment and consistency to buy or join you and…
  2. Personal commitment and consistency in your own business.

As these are 2 pretty important things to talk about, this will come in 2 parts. I will focus on part 1, which is the way to get the customer / prospect’s commitment to you and consistency to buy from you and maybe join you in your business opportunity. This psychology can be used for almost any business to get more customers or prospects, but I urge you to remain ethical in you approach as you will then be more likely to attract more people to you.

How Do We Get Customer Commitment And Consistency?

As human beings, we naturally commit to something we are drawn to and we always seem to remain consistent in our actions moving from one offer to another based on what it is and the psychology of the sales process.

When we work online, we get to manipulate the psychology by offering a solution to a person’s problem; in turn we get their information so that we can communicate with them and form a relationship. As we build this relationship it’s important to keep giving value and build trust and a “bond” with them so that they will commit to buy product from us, which gives them the consistency to give back something to us as required by their human programming and then achieve more consistency in our business growth.

Developing Customer Commitment and Consistency

The initial thing that will develop a customer’s commitment and consistency to us and our business is in the form of the first offer. When they accept our valuable offer and give us their email, then the psychological commitment is triggered and the consistency will follow when we help them further and offer more great value.

Of course, this “manipulation” can be used to get an immediate sale. As long as the product or service is of great value and provides a legitimate solution, then it is feasible that this can be achieved. One of the best ways to get the commitment is to use the “scarcity” tactic. You know the one, where the product is only available for a short time or available to only a few people at a certain price before it goes up.

Scarcity is often adopted when there is an “up sell” offer to an upgrade of the same product or service or maybe an “add on” product that is relevant to the first one but more advanced. These are usually “one time” offers at ridiculously reduced prices but trigger the commitment of the customer by their fantastic VALUE and the consistency of their psyche prompts several of them to buy!

These are simple tactics and examples of using the psychology of commitment and consistency in your business to get customers to come back to you to buy again and again. These methods can be used in almost any business, but in order to maintain and grow your reputation, please use them ethically because this will make you more attractive to customers and prospects. Please look out for part 2.

To the future

Barrie Evans