commitment and consistencyIf you missed the first part of commitment and consistency, here is the link.

As I pointed out in part 1, there are basically 2 ways to look at commitment and consistency in business:

  1. Customer / Prospect commitment and consistency to buy or join you and…
  2. Personal commitment and consistency in your own business.

Part 1 dealt with the customer / prospect angle. Now it’s time to look at the personal angle to see how this psychology can help you to progress.

The Importance Of Personal Commitment And Consistency

When you work in a home based business, you will usually be there on your own and you’ll need to be self motivating. Committing yourself to your goals and setting everything right will require consistency of ACTION on a daily basis, especially if you’re going to work your business online.

As with the customer / prospect commitment, you will naturally be consistent when you decide to commit with purpose. The major difference is you won’t, or at least shouldn’t need to be persuaded to take the commitment to your own cause. This has to be taken as fact if you want to be a success in whatever business you intend to take part in.

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How Do I Ensure Commitment And Consistency

To go down the psychology route, you should write things down! Write down your goals and set a time scale to achieve them. Why? Because that way you hold yourself responsible and your psyche will require you to achieve this so as not to “lose face”. If you tell your friends and colleagues your targets your natural instinct will be to work hard and COMMIT to getting it done.

Your consistent daily tasks should also be written down. This keeps you focused on the end goal on a daily basis. Make sure that you write down your daily intentions the night before or at the latest as soon as you get up. Don’t deviate from your intentions and GET IT DONE! You may have certain times when things might get in the way, but re-schedule if you miss something and add it to the next day or space out over a couple of days if you have to. DON’T leave out your tasks because you are doing them for a reason.

You have made a decision and commitment and consistency is the key that unlocks the door to your future. Take MASSIVE action for 90 days and watch things develop. Reinvest something into your education and use what you learn to develop more great value.

Think about this:

“It appears that commitments are most effective in changing a person’s self image and future behaviour when they are active, public and effortful.” Robert Cialdini Ph D.

This part of the commitment and consistency subject is all about YOU.

To the future

Barrie Evans