one more thingWhether you’re just starting out, or even if you’re already “into” your business, have you ever thought of how much of a difference “one more thing” done each day will make? If you don’t like making calls for instance and you get through that barrier and start making calls, if you were to make one more call every day how many calls could you make before you reach your maximum? Personal trainers look for doing one more of something to find the maximum level achievable and then repetition of that level leads to better results and adopting this attitude to business will increase results and benefits for that business.

One More Thing Equals Commitment.

When you take on the attitude of doing one more of any task every day, week, month or year, depending on what the task entails, you are setting your mind on commitment to take the action required to get over your obstacles and getting better results in your business.

Do all you THINK you can do on a daily basis and then do one more thing so you program yourself into the mindset of reaching your maximum level of achievement. This activity will help you to change your habits and set your level of tasks that you can complete every day.

Going back to the calls: If you’re terrified of calling people on the phone and you have to really fight with your fear to pick up the phone and make the call, commit yourself to making “just one more call” than you did the previous day until you can’t physically do any more. What you have done is get past your fear, made it easier to do the calls and then set yourself the level you need to compete at. This competition with yourself will lead to more results and more success in your business because you are accountable to yourself by default.

Whatever your fear, whether it’s doing video or basically ANYTHING that you have that annoying blockage to do, this is a good way to overcome. Do one video this week, two the week after and so on. Before long you’ll be doing a video a day and you will be very good at it too!

One More Thing Means…

just one more thingOne more thing every day means you will reach your maximum, but it also means you can keep challenging yourself. Being in competition with yourself and wanting to be better will drive you towards your maximum and you will perform at this level consistently. If you have the ambition to back your commitment you will want to keep improving a push yourself to do even more!

Personal development is so important in business and yet we get so used to being busy we forget to take this into consideration. I much the same way, you can commit to reading one more paragraph a day, one more chapter a week or better to even reading one whole book a week! Likewise listening to inspirational audios, which is so easy these days with MP3 players and the like that store so much content. It’s just as easy to do it as not to do it so don’t make the excuse but commit to doing more.

It’s up to you in the end. Do you have the ambition and commitment to work and grow your business quickly or do you just “go with the flow”. Make yourself accountable to your own outcomes, write things down and get used to doing ONE MORE THING!

To the future

Barrie Evans