is it best to convince and sellNone of us like selling, but so many of us have to. The question that is on my mind for this post is one that is relevant for most circumstances. Is it really wise to “convince and sell” or is it better to just sell to people who truly WANT what you have to offer rather than trying to convince them they want it?

This “convincing” is fed by desperation. How often do you see or hear “buy my stuff” or “join this fantastic money maker” or “you NEED this”? So many are DESPERATE for a sale. Too many people have the message you NEED this or that shiny object and this is where to get it. Why is this? Because they have not learned the right way to approach their prospects.

Convince And Sell Is Not A Requirement

Too many of us (Yes, including me) make the mistake of “chasing the sale”. When you chase people, you are seen in a different light to someone who provides some aspect of curiosity and “elusiveness”. It’s important for the “smart marketers” to get sales, just like the rest of us, but the approach is very different. They don’t need to convince. The best ones will often REFUSE to take your money, especially if they don’t think it will benefit you. There is also a limit to the product availability or time of the person as appropriate. They target what you need, yes, but more importantly, it’s something you really WANT and crave that they sell to you.

Also, when there is a need to “chase” someone, it usually means they are not ready for what you have to offer them. If you take the scenario of a network marketing opportunity where you sign a person up who you believed needed what you have for them. You convinced them it was what they needed and they were a little “drawn” to the possibility of having a business where they do little work. This is a perception of many people who have to be “convinced”.

Does it really serve you to work with someone just for the sake of it? People who are not ready will usually expect to have their new businesses run for them by you. After all, you convinced them you would help them to get sign ups. You need to shift your tactics and thinking.

There are lots of people out there BEGGING to do work and make a difference. These are the people who will work WITH you and be guided. They will SERVE your goals and needs a lot better because they actually WANT it.

They will:

  • Do what is necessary to progress and build their business.
  • Work the system you teach.
  • Be prepared to do the work for themselves and not expect you to do it for them.
  • Take responsibility.

You can work very well with several of this kind of person, but struggle so much to work with only ONE person who expects the reward and yet is not prepared to do the work. You convinced them it was easy remember. This is actually far WORSE than working for a boss!

Selling Without Convincing Is Easy When The WANT Is There.

Your job is to seek out the people who WANT what you have to offer. Yes, you have to do some research to find your market and where the people hang out, but this is crucial. When you have found these people, it’s necessary to connect with them and build relationships. It is a step by step process and can take time. Offer the person what they TELL you they want. Don’t even think about trying to convince them they NEED something.

Building relationships and then getting to talk to your prospect on the phone helps to build trust. Then you can find out what their real problem is and help them. Don’t try to sell them something if it doesn’t help them. They KNOW what they want, so point them in the right direction. If you have something, that’s great, but don’t be afraid to say no. Believe it or not, they are more likely to return and buy from you if you stay honest with them. This also helps your brand because people tell others about their experience. Sometimes the “shock” of you NOT taking their money is enough to broaden your reach because people become curious about you.

When you talk to people, make sure they are SERIOUS about working with you. Limit the number of people you are going to work with. Have a list of conditions set up to make sure that the tasks you set are done and the prospect is committed to their own business instead of expecting the “magic” to happen without doing anything. Make it clear that if they fail to do the tasks, they will be out of the “elite” circle and someone else will be drafted in.

This doesn’t mean you don’t help people who need it. These tasks will determine the skills needed to be learned and perfected. If the person doesn’t do them, they won’t know. Encourage communication and everything needed to help them to progress and improve.

A dedicated and enthusiastic person is easier to train than someone who was “persuaded” to join you.

There are systems out there to help you to build your business. It depends on what your specific needs are and so it’s wise to do proper research and check out everything on offer. There is one system I recommend, which you can find out more about here.

Remember that to convince and sell is not likely to serve you in the long term. You want a sustainable a growing business, so think about building relationships and filling the WANT rather than convincing people they NEED something.

To the future,

Barrie Evans.

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