win win situationThere is a great way to get more success in your lead generation and business building efforts; that’s to create a win win situation. Essentially, what you want to achieve is a scenario where both you AND your prospect are in a winning situation. How do we do that? Like this…….

Creating Your Win Win Situation

What I’m going to do is to tell you a story of how I have used this in several situations when I had my own electrical contracting business. What this does is prove that it’s possible to do this for ANY business and I have a specific case in mind where there was a definite win win situation.

I had a call from someone who wanted to change the electrical installation in his home to include extra points and lighting in a reconstruction of a bedroom. The customer was looking to change things around, but was disturbed to find out from another contractor that the installation required a rewire. When I went to look at the job, I thought it may be extreme to rewire the property and suggested an inspection and a routine of improvements related to the findings of the test.

The customer agreed that the inspection route was a good one and requested that I get on with the work. The outcome was as I suspected it would be. I could make some changes to the installation satisfactorily and update things at the same time, but only adjustments would be required and some fault finding. Subsequently I got work, a profit and further work from the customer. He had saved a potential cost of an extra couple of thousand. A true win win situation for both of us. I got more work and the customer got what he wanted and had a safe installation without the massive upheaval that was expected. From the money he saved he got some essential work done on his roof, so the benefit of my suggestion gave him a lot more than was expected.

Providing value that is of mutual benefit is key to any win win situation. This can be applied to all kinds of things in business, including online and network marketing too.

Win Win Situation As Opposed To Win – Lose Situation

When working in network or online marketing you may be more likely to come across a situation where someone will ask you to help them with setting up something so they can progress. They see you as a valuable resource and a leader. They may be with you in a particular program, but with someone else in a different program for the task they wish to perform.

So, you could help them and get the task done, but is this a good thing to do? In a business sense, no way, but you may do it because you want to help others to succeed. The problem with this scenario is that the person who wants the help will be in a win situation, but you, the helper will be in a lose situation. Should the person be in your team, then the difference is obvious; you will both benefit from the work done.

The lesson to be learned is that you want to create a win win situation and you won’t do this WITHOUT thinking like a business person. Yes, you want to help others, but in the same instance you NEED to be making money from what you do however small the amount. Benefits work BOTH ways.

Consider this in developing any kind of win win situation in your business and your team. You want to be attractive to prospects, but also you need to be making money from your work like everyone you help want to make money from their work too.

To The future,

Barrie Evans