list of abilities and skillsIf you’re taking your business online one of the most important things you should do is to develop a list of abilities and skills that you can use in your business. “I know that” I hear you say, but you would be surprised how many people spend so much time and money going from program to program, or “guru” to guru to try to find the solutions to their problems.

What is required is to combat the FEAR of doing and apply what you learn to find your own formula for success in your business. Before you embark on anything you should research the program or expert to see if there is a “fit” for you. Then, after signing up to the training or program, you need to test each thing you are taught and apply the strategies so you can see whether they work for you. Have confidence in what you learn and believe that you know more than you think you know.

But The Guru Has A Bigger List Of Abilities And Skills Than I Do….

That may be so. Consider this – there was a time that the expert you are choosing to work with had the same amount of skill as you. Whatever you DO know, it’s more than those who have not yet learned those skills. Bearing this in mind, have the confidence to adopt what you learn and “be the guru”!

Share what you learn so you can provide great tips you have learned that are getting you results and eventually, if this is what you want to do, you can develop your own product that you can use to help grow your email list and make 100% profit from the sales you make.

A lot of people, including myself, have difficulty in understanding the concept that they have enough knowledge to create anything, but this is NOT true. USE what you have learned and make a start.

How did ANY of the experts you know about become experts? Answer – they made a START and then tweaked things until their success levels grew and grew and therefore their confidence grew with it. These experiences helped them to develop their very own formula for success.

Don’t hesitate and don’t carry on spending your hard earned cash looking for something that you think you don’t know. DO start and USE what you have learned to create YOUR success formula.

Changing programs or jumping from expert to expert believing you can’t do what they do is not the solution. This inevitable costs you more and more money, leaving you broke and frustrated. Take ACTION on what you learn and believe that you can create your own list of abilities and skills that will lead to your ultimate confidence and success.

To the future

Barrie Evans