You Must Dance Like Nobody Is Watching In Business.

sing and dance like nobody is watchingAre you prepared to “dance like nobody is watching” to achieve your dreams and goals?

It’s far too easy to get “bogged down” with things and distracted when you have your own business. There is also the tendency, especially with online business things, to assume that something “doesn’t work”. Instead of just getting on with the job and finding out by taking action, the assumption is enough to stop the person from doing what is necessary.

It’s what you do when nobody is looking that matters. You MUST hold yourself accountable because there is nobody else there to hold you accountable.

Employers Expect The Dance Like Nobody Is Watching Approach.

Why do you think employers are so demanding of their employees? Is it because they are driven to make somebody miserable, or is it because they have their OWN dreams and goals to be met? When you work for someone else, it’s THEIR dream you’re building. This is why so many people are unhappy in their job. They don’t see a way to have a dream lifestyle.

Employers expect you as the employee to get your tasks done. They want to see results. Sometimes you have to do this on your own, but do you need to be watched to achieve it? Or do you do it anyway because you don’t want to be watched all the way.

In your own business, it’s YOU who are the employee. What is it that drives you to do your business? As the employer, you should expect the same from yourself as you do from anyone else. What do you do to make sure the tasks are done without getting distracted? It’s all a case of what you want and WHY you want it!

I have been as guilty as anyone else who has done this. I have been on training where I was shown a great tactic that needed to be implemented. I got distracted from the task by something that was not as important and yet went off to do that FIRST! What then happened? The task didn’t get done or it was too late to take advantage of the situation at hand. It’s best to go out and IMPLEMENT the strategy as soon as you can WITHOUT getting distracted and see what it can do for you. If it works, then great! You have cracked it and you can rinse and repeat.

What you do when nobody is lookingThen there is the person who doesn’t do the task because it’s their belief that it doesn’t work! When somebody shows you something that works for them, DO IT! You may have tried something before that was similar, but there must have been something that you missed to make it work. NEVER assume anything. If the person who did the training is approachable, ask them to make sure you have got it. Those who say something doesn’t work, when another person (or persons) who were on the same training went out and got results, must have got something wrong.

None of us are perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. People who are willing to try and try again UNTIL they are successful are the ones who are prepared to do whatever it takes without being observed. They are responsible for their own actions and are accountable to only themselves. Results come from actions, so when a leader trains you, even if you’ve tried what you believe to be the same thing, go out and do it again. This time making sure you have the strategy right!

When you are prepared to do the work when no one else is looking it will be just like the quote in the image. You WILL be singing like nobody is listening, you will dance like nobody is watching and you will have a great business and a great life. It’s time to rock guys, so go rock this joint!

To the future,

Barrie Evans


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28 Responses to You Must Dance Like Nobody Is Watching In Business.

  • Sometimes, it’s easier said than done. I mean no matter how hard to you try to dance like no one is watching but you can never forget the fact that someone is watching you, is dependent on your success and failure. Your family, your dependents that depends on you. Now, this can lead to mental pressure which can either make us or break us depending on how good or bad we are able to handle it. But,as far as others are concerned we should never worry about their judgement and do our best to achieve our goals in our life, no matter whatever it takes.


    • It is certainly easier to say than do sometimes Bharat. The point is you must be prepared to do things that move you towards success and what you do when nobody is looking and you’re on your own is so important.

  • If you try and fail you need to put it down to experience and use it as another form of learning. All the theory in the world can’t make up for practice when it comes to online businesses. There’s so much trial and error. Even top earners use A/b testing to find out what works best in their promotions.

    I’ve tried one types of marketing model twice. The first time I gave up too soon. I tried again thinking that I had more knowledge and experience. The second time I realized that it just didn’t suit me. (I didn’t like that particular form of music) I didn’t have the passion or motivation for it. I nursed a bruised ego for a few days then started dancing to a different tune 🙂 There’s too much I enjoy about being my own boss and working online for me to give up.

    Bharat, It must be hard when you have people depending on the income you’re producing. When I first started I enthusiastically told my family all I was doing. They were sceptical and some critical. These days I just tell them it’s going OK. I only give details if asked.

    • Thanks Sue. You are right about online business and practice. The main thing here is that you found out what worked for you and you stuck to it, whether someone was actually watching you or not. Thanks for your input.

  • Great post, Barrie. You are exactly right when you say that it is easy to learn something and then immediately forget to actually implement it. we’re all guilty of that from time to time. thanks for the reminder!

    All the best,
    Leslie Denning

  • Hi Barrie,

    Interesting connection between being self ACCOUNTABLE and living your dreams. You’ve also pointed out why it’s difficult for someone who’s worked most their lives as an employee to start over as a self directed owner. Good post.

  • Hello Barrie! love your title my friend! i tell people this all the time “nobody but you can make it happen”
    so Yes yes yes you must dance like nobody is watching.

    it is so easy to get overwhelmed HUH? but the important thing is to just keep pushing on, and never give up on your dreams.

    great share
    Thanks chery :))

  • Hi Barrie

    A great post! You are absolutely right. We all learn but we fail to implement that.
    Nobody but only we can make it happen!
    So true…we must dance like nobody is watching and never give up on our dreams.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Barrie Evans Sir, Great Knowledge shared about how to get success in business. You are right sir Implementation is necessary after learning and if one is not getting success need to keep on trying and one day it will definitely work for them. I have seen so many people who tried again and again at the end they got success. Thanks for sharing this knowledge with us.

  • Hi Barrie

    I like being the boss. Comes likely from being the first born I suspect I never appreciated working for someone else. I liked your “I got distracted from the task by something that was not as important and yet went off to do that FIRST! What then happened? The task didn’t get done ” I have learned to write it down! I have 4 books on my desk for various things and I keep track, that way I dont have to remember I just look it up . really helps, so does a timer for doing and focusing on tasks. Waiting to hear you play that piano (in keeping with the dance theme of your article.)

  • Barrie,

    Sometimes, even after “doing the work” it doesn’t work the way I expected. But it was still worth doing it because I have learned something, I have alerted others that I am here and doing this thing. Maybe they are not ready to listen or to sign up at the moment, but they may have heard part of my message and later may listen more fully. repetition is as important as just doing it the first time.


    Dr. Erica

  • Hii…your article is awesome and creates interest in mind bout reading and give insiration about danceing but sometimes it is not the easy for some people anyways nice content…

  • Hi Barrie 🙂

    Awesome post! Absolutely, you need to “DANCE” like nobody is watching if you want to succeed. Thanks for sharing!!

  • I find your post interesting. It makes me think of working outside of your comfort zone.

  • Hi Barrie

    I don’t like to make assumptions. In the time past, assumptions have put me in more trouble. I believe that when someone gives you an idea that feels would work, it should be tested first before making an objection.

    I agree that we can sometimes learn a thing and be distracted to the point of FORGETTING what we have learnt. So it is indeed NECESSARY to start off with the task given to you and switch when you are done.

    thanks for sharing. take care

  • You are so great writter. I enjoyed your post. Yes, I prepared to “dance like nobody is watching” when success 😛 . Any way thanks for nice content
    Nazmul Hasan recently posted…How To Lose Weight Fast For Men: The Complete GuideMy Profile

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