It's important to be you and a unique you at that!There’s no need for you to impersonate anyone; they already exist. Do you want to be like your friend or colleague? WHY? It’s important for you to be unique! Even identical twins (or triplets etc.) are unique in their own particular way. You are not a direct copy of anyone. You are YOU. If there were meant to be more than one of you, it would create havoc in the world. Not that you’re a bad person, but 2 people with the same finger prints could be chaotic for the security services for one. Then the 2 people would react and live their lives in exactly the same way. Imagine how annoying that could be!

There are no clones thankfully, so, if you want to be something, then it’s YOU that needs to be. You can’t imitate someone else, unless of course that is your job. If you’re an entertainer who impersonates others for money, then you need to imitate others, but seriously you still need to have your own unique personality and self-image to make it in the entertainment industry too.

Be Unique, But Still Learn From others.

Observe others, learn from them, but don’t try to be like them. Learn skills from them, but implement those skills into your own life and move forward in your own way. Because you’re traveling your own road, you can’t really follow the footsteps of someone exactly, nor can someone else travel your road. Each of us have our own road to travel.

So, why don’t we all have the same fingerprints, ears, noses etc.? It would be no fun that way. We need to be individuals. Given the undisputed fact that everyone is different, why be like somebody else?

Why is there such a demand to change your looks or your body with plastic surgery?

Why not be happy the way you are?

I’m not talking about appearance alone, but talents too.

Be unique. We all have our own unique character. When you crave for talents you don’t have, you’re neglecting the talents you already have. You have been gifted with your own unique talents. Instead of being counterproductive by trying to copy someone else, develop the talents you already have. If you’re not sure what talents you have, ask your friends what they think you’re good at. You will be surprised at what you find out!

There is no coincidence here. Everything exists for a reason. You’re not talented by accident! Neither is it an oversight that you don’t have talents you really want to have.

Everybody is gifted with his or her own unique talents. Make no mistake about it! Talents aren’t only about things like singing, acting, dancing, painting, writing or excellence in sports. You have your own unique talent, which could be spontaneity, enthusiasm, a connection with animals, caring for the disabled, generosity, being a good teacher or public speaker, being a great community member or being a good problem solver. It may even be your capacity to love, your natural joy, your brilliance, intelligence, radiating beauty, having a funny way of expressing yourself, making others laugh, kindness, tenderness, and many more. The list of possible talents is potentially very long!

Be Unique: Be YOU!

be unique and know your talents make you uniqueWhatever goes on, wherever and whenever, what really is for you to be you? Being you is knowing what your unique talents are. Unique, you say? Others are spontaneous too! A lot of people are generous and friendly. Your uniqueness lies in the combination of your talents. Find out what your most prominent talents are and how you can put them all together. The alignment and synergy of your key talents portrays the beauty of your uniqueness.

You are at your best being yourself! It’s a waste of your valuable time trying to be like someone else. I hope you understand that the world needs you exactly as you are! Dare to be yourself! The more you dare to be yourself, the more freedom you will feel. The more freedom you feel, the more you will dare. Daring and freedom work together to re-create your unique self in the constantly expanding celebration of Life. Your “be unique” life.