define failureHow would you define failure? If you look at this taking everything into consideration, then failure is a big part of success. Building a great business requires all of us to take failure in our stride and learn from mistakes in order to create success for ourselves. There are so any people who will quit because of a failure, but this is mainly due to our educational programming since failure is treated as a big negative and something to be avoided. When taken in the right context, failure is all part of the success concept and is exactly opposite to the negativity set into our psyche by default.

Define Failure – Staying The Course

Set yourself to get past the hurdles placed in your way. How you define failure will show whether you’re ready to pass through the problems and stay the course or whether you’re going to accept the “norm” and quit.

Be prepared, just like a boy scout, and change your plan when necessary. Whatever you do to advertise, the importance of testing is very evident. When you have a marketing plan that is flexible and you are prepared to define failure as another step to your ultimate success, you will be in the right frame of mind to get past your hurdles. Online business training will always stress that we must test, test and test again so we can make sure we get past the blockage and negativity of the “failure syndrome” by making positive changes.

When you tweak your advertisement for instance, you can see exactly what works and then you can use these strategies until they wane a little. You must always take the next step and test the next idea while preparing yourself for more failures. How many top marketers do you think simply had success without being prepared to accept failure and mistakes as a part of business? You can be sure that it will be none of them!

Consider top inventors. How many failures did Edison go through before he was a resounding success? It was hundreds if not thousands until he found just one success. That one success was MASSIVE and more than worth all the failures. Successful people prepare themselves and define failure as a part of the business they are doing.

Define Failure – What Do I Do?

You must accept failures as par for the course. When you are in a position to define failure as an everyday thing, you will treat it as a normal thing in your business life and work through it. Failure leads to fear, and fear leads to failure, but it’s not right for you to BELIEVE that failure is wrong. Work through fear and be “blinkered” towards your goals. You need to help people in your business to develop the same belief as you are developing yourself.

Network marketing is full of “failures”. Define failure by how many times you have had a “no” response today and how many “yes” responses you have had that will make you money. Advertising and business promotion looks for positive responses and the negative responses are taken as “no for now”. Why? Because the advertising will be “tweaked” to get more positive results. We all work on getting more positive results and can only learn from those who say “no” so we can change things for the better.

Failure is not a negative thing, which is how it’s treated in the big world. As a business owner you need to define failure as a major POSITIVE step to your ultimate success and it’s how you handle and work through it that will build your future.

To the future

Barrie Evans