If you can develop a winning mindset, success will follow.

Mindset and successDuring a conversation with one of my mentors today, I was disturbed to hear that I was saying some relatively negative things. I was told that I was talking about saying what I can’t do for most of the time. Not that I believe that I can’t because I know I am capable and have the skill to do whatever I want to, but the psychology is such that your subconscious will feed off that “I can’t” negativity.

I remember my Grandmother always used to say “there’s no such word as can’t”, which is correct. One of the most important things we have to do is to banish such thoughts from our minds. Being creatures of habit, we humans tend to say lots of things habitually. My ex wife used to utter “can’t do this” all the time as do my sons sometimes. This really annoys me and I constantly tell them that they can (then they do), but I guess hearing this negativity around me for so long has led to the habit of saying can’t when really I was not aware of it.

The point I am making here is that “I can’t” creates a negative mindset and winning and being successful at what we do needs positive action and positive thought, leading to greater belief and the “I can” mindset.

I have learned from reading Tony Robbins that we need to think about the positive things in our lives and the values we have that empower us to greater things. If we concentrate on negative things that make us feel pain, we spend all of our time concentrating on how to avoid this pain. Quite a lot of people tend to be negative in this way without thinking about it. There is one thing that springs to mind from Tony Robbins’ Awaken the Giant Within and it’s this “Most of us have created numerous ways to feel bad, and only a few ways to truly feel good”.

If we base our beliefs and values around positive action and the knowledge that we can do the things we have always thought we can’t, then we will be on the way to a winning mindset and success will be inevitable.

The Law of Attraction is based on positive thinking and attracting what you want because you believe it will happen. Some people think it’s just a “pipe dream”, but I’m not so sure. Those who have the negative attitude and repeatedly say “I can’t” will not succeed, but those who believe in their ability and develop the “I can” philosophy will ultimately succeed because they will be able to do the consistent things that will lead to their success.

Good business requires a solid and consistent mindset that helps to develop the winning formula. How we do this is down to us as individuals. Try to change your language away from negative psychology to the positive “I can” and act on that. Don’t stop to look back, move on and DO more. This will make it easier and you will wonder why you ever thought in such a negative way in the first place.

Positive mindset and thoughtWhen working your business, work towards the positives. Even when somebody says no to you, think of it as a “no for now”. We all get knocked back, but we need to move on to the next one. Remember that the highest earners in the online world of business have probably had more people say no than yes, but their belief and positivity has kept them moving forward and left those who say no behind to do what they believe is the best for them, even though they complain all the time about how bad things are.

Think things through and develop your very own winning mindset and success will follow.

To the future,

Barrie Evans

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