you need to be a consistent and disciplined personOne thing that I’ve always looked at in my business is consistency. Being consistent also requires discipline and it’s always a goal of mine to be the most disciplined person I can be in my business. That doesn’t mean I don’t have fun and take things too seriously – far from it! It means that I have the right attitude to stay the course and move forward.

Even though this is a goal of mine, I must admit that it’s not always been easy sticking to it. We humans have weaknesses, especially when it comes to discipline. It feels too much like hard work doesn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be. Most of it is about attitude and perception of the meaning of discipline rather than work.

Consistency And Discipline Work Together To Improve A Person.

One of the main things about consistency and discipline is habit. To have a successful business or life, you need good habits. If you can be a consistent disciplined person in both your work and your pleasure, you can certainly create a lasting habit that will help you be successful.

I love music, as you may already know, and to be good at music, you need discipline. I stopped participating in any musical activity for several years, which was a big mistake. This was because I lost the natural discipline and consistency I had when I was taking a more active part in this activity. Did this affect my business and my life? You bet it did!

Because the discipline and consistency I needed was just based on “work”, it felt like a chore and I must admit I wavered. A LOT! I had a business fail on me. Yes, it was a job I wasn’t completely happy with and that played its part too. However, when I was doing something I LOVED alongside it, it was a little easier to “stay the course” as it were. Not ideal, but I was working in a disciplined way much more naturally when I was active in music too. My good habit had been broken because I wasn’t as enthusiastic about things.

You improve when you have the natural habit of discipline because it also helps you to be more consistent. Consistent action leads to consistent results and ultimately leads to big reward.

Discipline And Consistency Needs A Person To Love What They Do.

a diciplined and consistent person will be successfulI know many people HATE what they do. Some do love their job and some tolerate it. Doing something you love, whether it’s music or sport or anything else that requires a form of discipline can only help to make the job a little more tolerable. Now imagine doing a job you absolutely love AND be able to have a leisure activity you also love that requires the consistency and discipline you need to grow as a person.

Habit is more easily broken than maintained. This is more evident, as in my case, when you stop doing something that really helps you to keep in that habit state. The key to being a naturally disciplined person revolves around good habits. Doing things you love in your life both in work and play will keep you going on the right path and you won’t even have to think about it.