discriminationDiscrimination is such a negative thing in normal circumstances and is evident in so many walks of life, even marketing! How can we get this out of the system and make changes? This is such a difficult thing to do, but rather than get angry and rant about this, I would rather look at it in a positive way.

Can We Change Attitudes To Discrimination?

I don’t believe that discrimination will ever be totally eliminated, and yet we need to find a way to eradicate it. If we can do this a little at a time, we may find it easier, who knows?

I would like to take a look at the discrimination in marketing:

You may be aware that some corporations have stopped various companies and home business owners from advertising due to bad marketing from those who have just headed out and “spammed” aimlessly trying to get ahead. Not just companies have been banned, but a whole industry has been scrutinized because of poor marketing practices and everyone has been labelled the same, regardless of the ethics of the company or marketers.

This I can understand because the corporations are trying to protect the customer and also protect their own reputation. It is a valid reason, but is it fair? I don’t think it’s completely fair on those of us who try to market ethically and without spamming or annoying people by constantly hounding them with offer after offer they are not interested in. Those of us who prefer to offer great value and solutions to problems and attracting the prospect rather than “battering” them are labelled the same as the spammers simply because we work in the same industry.

The discrimination can be caused by an extreme minority too. Take “Mr Angry”, you know the one – he’s the guy who takes offense to everything and is looking to complain every chance he gets! This may be extreme, but I have seen people who do this. They are an extreme minority but in the same way can cause the biggest damage because they are the people who assume we are all the same when in fact we’re not. Complaining to the highest authority they can as much as they can will influence the decision of the corporations to take the action they have. I’m not blaming the corporations or even Mr Angry for this, each acts on their own instinct and the corporations won’t change the policy because it will be seen as a “U turn” and Mr Angry will then blow a gasket!

How Do We Tackle This Discrimination?

I don’t think we should lay “blame”, but we so need to look at educating marketers who are new to our industry better. A distinct problem we have is that new people who are enthusiastic and excited about the prospect of their new business will want to get moving as quickly as possible. This is only natural, but the inexperience they have can lead to them copying what they see and then get accusations of “spamming” and Mr Angry will have a field day!

The initial training should be how to promote things with value in mind and not just sending out links to people trying to persuade them to take a look at your wonderful opportunity or to buy your stuff. This type of “link bashing” is rife and it’s no wonder we get Mr Angry on our case! We need to change this practice and make it so there is no excuse for any Mr Angry to complain because he will have no valid reason to do so.

I use a marketing system that will teach you how to use the right practice and use the attraction marketing methods that are helping people be the next great leader in the industry. There is so much value in this marketing system and the training is so complete for any method of marketing you may be interested in. Discrimination has to be tackled and taken out of our society in so many ways and it’s our job to get the corporations on our side instead of against us.

Eliminate discrimination against those of us who don’t deserve it by ensuring we all market to people ethically and without annoyance to anyone.

To the future

Barrie Evans