what is uncomfortableWhen you do the things in your life that are comfortable, eventually you will end up being uncomfortable. Why? Because the uncomfortable things will “catch up” with you and it will be harder later in life to deal with them. Doing the things that are uncomfortable to you FIRST will help you to make them comfortable and you can achieve success in whatever you do. Do the small things on a daily basis to overcome these things that “bother” you and you will be able to have a great life.

Doing The Uncomfortable Things Matter!

Every little thing you do matters to you, or should matter. Things that are uncomfortable to you can hold you back if you LET them. How can you get comfortable with these things? Simple – you take them on from the start and try to avoid procrastination and the “do it tomorrow” scenario. Considering that tomorrow NEVER comes, it’s always ahead of us, don’t regret your life by leaving things to another day other than today.

Every little thing you do to overcome the things outside your comfort zone will help you to create more success in your life no matter what that is. This may be in relationships, business or anything else in your life that you know you have these feelings.

Beat Uncomfortable With These 7 Principles

I’ve been reading Jeff Olson’s book The Slight Edge and he talks about doing the uncomfortable things to become comfortable in your life and achieve so much more. He talks about the 7 “Slight Edge” principles.

These are:

  1. Show up – whatever you’re doing, make sure you show up and “do the do” on a daily basis. When you show up you will be indicating to yourself that you have the commitment to start.
  2. Be consistent – do the daily tasks consistently and KEEP ON DOING them. Show up daily and do the things consistently and you will progress.
  3. Have a good attitude – seek out positive things to achieve a good attitude. Negative things are everywhere, so seek out something positive daily to fuel the positivity in you. Show up an do the things consistently with a good attitude and you will be moving on even more
  4. Be willing to do things for a long time – don’t expect things to happen overnight. This is unrealistic and you need to be prepared to take as long as it takes to create your cycle of success. Show up and do the things consistently with a good attitude and be prepared to do this for as LONG as it takes
  5. Desire and Faith – having the desire to show up and do the things consistently with a good attitude while being prepared to do this as long as it takes is the key. Add to that the congruence of FAITH in your actions and believe that you will achieve the results you want to achieve.
  6. Willing to pay the price – doing the above consistently will lead to positive results. Missing out these things can affect your results. You must be prepared to accept that YOU determine whether the first 5 things are done. It’s up to you to get the stuff done and accept the good results when they come. You will pay the price if your commitment falters and you must be prepared to pay the price of neglecting your efforts. This may be doing the uncomfortable things as opposed to NOT doing them to get past what holds you back.
  7. Integrity – this is based on what you do when nobody is looking. Are you prepared to show up and do the things consistently with a good attitude for as long as it takes with desire and the faith that you will get the results you want even when NOBODY is there to drive you? If yes, then you have the integrity needed to succeed.

Working from home myself I can see the benefit of adopting these principles to my life and my business. Doing what is uncomfortable may be just that, but to see success it’s necessary to overcome the things that bother me and be willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to make it in my business.

To the future

Barrie Evans